Aug 18, 2009

This and that

The business of it all is in full swing. We have booked a few days off work to travel again to India. I am on the pill to sync my cycle and I have all my meds on hand, ready and waiting. Yesterday my promotion was announced at work and it was fun to watch some of them scramble..wondering what this means! Love it!! I am off to Germany in September for work and will get to catch up with a friend of the surrogacy world. I am so looking forward to this and my promised hug to her is much over do. Mark will meet me in Germany and we will boot off to Mumbai together (if timing and flights allow it), regardless we will both be in Mumbai by Saturday the 19th. Other than this we have been busy around the house trying to do a few projects that were put on hold due to our excitement and anticipation of our first trip to Mumbai. It seems we are so busy and little time to do much. I think it is the way we deal with heartache - keep busy and do it together. As strong as we come across we really do struggle to keep positive. We have had many years of heartaches and I guess our calluses are just a little thicker now. News out of India is mixed these days. Good news is the ducklings are scheduled for a c-section on Thursday so Nik and Lisa have like 36 hours of this life as they know it before these twins are born. A few announcements of positive pregnancies over the last few weeks have been good news as well. Sadly another baby lost the battle and the IP's have accepted this tragic news knowing that the little one was probably just not healthy enough to carry on. Other sad news in our Jojo getting another disappointing, and I just do not even know what to say. Rhonda and Gerry are leaving late this week to Mumbai in anticipation of their baby's birth! Been a long road but worth it in the end! On my side I have drug angels as you know. Last week Daria was successful in sending me a Lupron kit from the US. I was on pins and needles waiting for it and seeing "customs delay" on the web tracking added to the stress. The package arrived safe and sound, and don't you worry, the Canadian government got their taxes and duties on it. Lastly I see that Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was detained at Newark airport for no apparent reason...oh lordy.


  1. Oh, Kerrie, waiting and watching is the game we all play these days. Say hello to "fromus" from me! I'm glad you guys have dates and meds in place. Wishing u all the best hun.

  2. Kerrie and Mark,
    I'll keep doing what I do best, praying even when I don't understand or agree with the outcome at times. Love and hugs. Gege

  3. Kerrie, You are in my prayers! I can't wait to follow your continued journey to parenthood! Congrats on the promotion!

  4. Kerrie and Mark,

    I am anxious to hear much better news this time. I will be praying for you both as I have been. I am still so glad that we got to meet you. Kerrie, have fun in Germany!

  5. We are keeping all of our fingers -- and Micah's long toes -- crossed for you. Congratulations on the promotion! Good things are coming your way, I know!

  6. I truly hope all will be going well for you!
    Congrats on your promotion, just been to germany (for pleasure) and I just love it! Where in Germany will you be? Have fun anyways!

  7. BUMMER! Looks like we will miss you by just 5 short days. We will have to catch up when we come show off Blaze in Canada!

    ALL the very, very BEST for safe travels and a successful cycle!



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