Nov 28, 2009

Sunday Retreival

What better to do on a Sunday than egg retreival!! We are set, trigger taken Friday night at 9 pm, Saturday so far has been with a very heavy belly and a low tolerance for a full bladder. Today we met a wonderful couple from the same area as us who have just begun the surrogacy investigation. We sat for a long while and chatted and laughed. It's so nice to meet people who don't take them selves too serious. In this world stuff happens and all we can do is keep moving forward. We all had a nice cup of coffee and visit and hopefully can do so soon again.
Wish us luck for tomorrow! I am sure Marks boys are anxious to be released into the world and my eggs are ready as well. Will know fertilization results probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Til next time!


  1. Excellent news. wishing you all the best. Can't wait to hear fertilisation results and see you getting a positive soon!!!

  2. Well done! I have got everything crossed for you!



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