Dec 30, 2009


Ugh, another year gone by..... But...we have 2010 to look forward too. With 14 embryos, we should be pregnant by the time 2011 comes along right?? Only time will tell. The holidays have been nice overall with a few highlights. We went to a one month celebration for baby Nathanael, we celebrated 5 birthdays at once on a great night out and we got to see our surro friend from Europe live in person, and we got to skype with recent parents of babes born in India. So, we have had lots of good times in December. Oh, and the big deal of shipping our embryos....
Dec 31, New Years eve...who cares. The only good thing about this is it is one day closer to egg transfer! For all of us who struggled thru 2009 we must believe that 2010 is our year!
Happy New Year to you all!

Dec 19, 2009

Plan in Place

We have taken a sigh of relief knowing our embryos are safe. This was the most important step for right now. Of course, things cannot go that easily for us!! Our embryos arrived without the thaw medium so the docs had to order for us, causing a month delay!!! It sucks, but really, whats a month in this big picture. We have learned to not stress..amazing huh! Why stress over the things we cannot control. Its very hard to get to this point in life, but getting the bejeebers kicked out of you over and over kinda makes you toughen up. I need my Mandy to take a page out of our life guide ~ stress over nothing and it all seems better. Take it in stride. For those of us unable to have children the conventional way, this does come a little easier. Mind you, we have so much weighing on the surrogacy path its not easy. Christmas is fast approaching and I hate it. Another year without a child is all it reminds me of. I am hoping next year will be a Christmas to mark in the book of the best ever.

Dec 14, 2009

Embies are ok!!!

Embies have landed and are tucked away in their long term facility of ice. Thanks all for the support!!!

Lost in travel???

Guess what hasn't arrived in Mumbai yet??? And, was supposed to be there December 10th!! No stress!!!

Dec 8, 2009

..shipping embryos........... oh boy!

4 straws, 6 embies have left the building!!! Nerves of steel..not so much. Worried...not so much. We know everyone is looking out for us and double checked everything before the dry shipper was closed. The chances of the embryos being destroyed a second time have to be one in a billion....right???? Can you tell I am trying to be strong and optimistic, yet deep down am worried sick? Friday cannot come quick enough, and the news that everything is ok. Knowing our dumb luck, the shipper will get lost and take 2 weeks 6 days to get to day to spare. Ok...I have to stop!!!
I am off to Germany tonight for work, so this will be a good distraction. Our embryo implantation should happen the first week of January and we will be with the docs and surrogate live in person for the first beta!! Its all very exciting, just need to get over this shipping hurdle.
Lets all say a collective worldwide prayer for safe arrival of our precious cargo!

Dec 2, 2009

Frozen numbers are in!

Deja vu ...hmm...I have been here before. Anywho..the results are in and we have 14 frozen embryos of which 11 are very good little embies. The leftover three are not so good but on ice just incase. We will be sending 6X8 cell embies to India very soon and are ready and excited to start over. We may even be in India for the beta test results if all goes as planned. Not our embyro, but a visual ...