Dec 30, 2009


Ugh, another year gone by..... But...we have 2010 to look forward too. With 14 embryos, we should be pregnant by the time 2011 comes along right?? Only time will tell. The holidays have been nice overall with a few highlights. We went to a one month celebration for baby Nathanael, we celebrated 5 birthdays at once on a great night out and we got to see our surro friend from Europe live in person, and we got to skype with recent parents of babes born in India. So, we have had lots of good times in December. Oh, and the big deal of shipping our embryos....
Dec 31, New Years eve...who cares. The only good thing about this is it is one day closer to egg transfer! For all of us who struggled thru 2009 we must believe that 2010 is our year!
Happy New Year to you all!


  1. i really feel that 2010 is our year Kerrie. It's a new decade, after all.


  2. Kerrie and Mark,
    I pray that 2010 will bring you your heart's desire. You are an inspiration to me for how you've stayed the course. Hugs and kisses.
    Love, GeGe

  3. I hope so kerie. I just wanna get to india and do my cycle, and recieve a positive in the 2ww. If only it were that easy...uhh

    xoxo amanda

    All the best hun!! It has to be our year..

  4. Kerrie & Mark,
    I'm very excited for you both, I feel it in my bones that this is your year!! I pray that 2010 will bring you both much happiness, you too will be wonderful parents! What an inspirational couple you guys are, you have touch my heart with your positivity! Never give up on your dreams!! God bless, love and happiness, you will have a Very Happy New Year!!

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  6. It's just gotta happen. Fingers and toes crossed and baby dust especially for you to India.

  7. Happy new year and hopefully this year is going to be the best year for you two, so next year we can all write 2011 is going to be the best year for you three (of four:)
    Fingers crossed!


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