Dec 19, 2009

Plan in Place

We have taken a sigh of relief knowing our embryos are safe. This was the most important step for right now. Of course, things cannot go that easily for us!! Our embryos arrived without the thaw medium so the docs had to order for us, causing a month delay!!! It sucks, but really, whats a month in this big picture. We have learned to not stress..amazing huh! Why stress over the things we cannot control. Its very hard to get to this point in life, but getting the bejeebers kicked out of you over and over kinda makes you toughen up. I need my Mandy to take a page out of our life guide ~ stress over nothing and it all seems better. Take it in stride. For those of us unable to have children the conventional way, this does come a little easier. Mind you, we have so much weighing on the surrogacy path its not easy. Christmas is fast approaching and I hate it. Another year without a child is all it reminds me of. I am hoping next year will be a Christmas to mark in the book of the best ever.


  1. Oh Kerrie, you are so makes me feel better when i have a reality check...reading your posts always make me say "hey if they got thru it, why i am i getting stressed for nothing, BE STRONG like Kerrie & Mark"

    The holidays always get me down, because we are buying gifts for so many kids and not any for us. (and i hate when the adults complain about the gifts for their kids-Not the kids complaining!! in-law always says the kids never get anything good from family).

    I am happy to hear they arrived safe!! Instead of jan. You'll be there with me in Feb..SO EXCITED!!! i would be thrilled to hang out with u guys!!

  2. You get to a point where there has been so much worrying you have to let it go. Once our bubs are born we have the rest of our lives to worry.
    I abhor Christmas too - hot, family on three different sides of the country, shopping, crowds - and no Christmas tree - no bubs, no point : (( Next year is our year!!!!

  3. I'm so glad your embies arrived safely, Kerrie. The month will go quickly and before you know it, you'll be on the road to becoming a mum.

    I hope Christmas isn't too painful for you.


  4. I'm so happy that they arrived safely! What a HUGE sigh of relief that must have been. You'll be in India before you know it!

    Wishing you all the best!

    Tracy (Million Rupee Baby)

  5. I'm hoping and praying for a child for Christmas next year for you too. Love, Gege


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