Dec 8, 2009

..shipping embryos........... oh boy!

4 straws, 6 embies have left the building!!! Nerves of steel..not so much. Worried...not so much. We know everyone is looking out for us and double checked everything before the dry shipper was closed. The chances of the embryos being destroyed a second time have to be one in a billion....right???? Can you tell I am trying to be strong and optimistic, yet deep down am worried sick? Friday cannot come quick enough, and the news that everything is ok. Knowing our dumb luck, the shipper will get lost and take 2 weeks 6 days to get to day to spare. Ok...I have to stop!!!
I am off to Germany tonight for work, so this will be a good distraction. Our embryo implantation should happen the first week of January and we will be with the docs and surrogate live in person for the first beta!! Its all very exciting, just need to get over this shipping hurdle.
Lets all say a collective worldwide prayer for safe arrival of our precious cargo!


  1. WOOHOO!! Embies are out to India. Praying all the time for you in Jersey hun! Great distraction in Germany. Can Friday get here already!?! lol


    Dont worry, but thats easier said than done!!

  2. I was praying for you this morning, and you know I will continue to do so, like as soon as I stop writing this and in the weeks and months to come. With all my heart I hope this works for you. Love, Gege

  3. I am rooting for this batch of embies...even more so than the others, if that's possible! Praying for a positive for you guys. (And I really don't think that there's any likelihood that there will be shipping problems...not that I won't worry alongside you anyway!)

  4. saying my prayers for you and your embies as we speak.

    i know how hard it is to swallow that fear. try to think about something else if you can.

    all will be well this time around.


  5. We are rooting for your little embies to enjoy their trip around the world, keep their seatbelts fastened, and have an on-time arrival!

  6. Read the great news. We are keeping our fingers corssed and hope everything will go smoothly.

    Have a great time in Germany.

    Your anonymous friends in the neighbourhood!!

    PS when you come back from Germany give us a shout so we can get together again and laugh some more at Timmy.

  7. How exciting and scary! Your feelings seem very natural. I keep my fingers crossed for you too and I look forward to your next post.
    Enjoy Germany (even though you have to work there:)

  8. Enjoy the trip ice ice babies, and I hope Kerrie hasn't jinxed you too much by having "oh boy!" in this title. I'm sure me naming our embryos Huey, Dewey and Louie is how we ended up with two boys. I should have called them April, May and June... LOL!

    Enjoy Germany. Hopefully you get a chance to be social while you're there again.


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