Jan 21, 2010

Wednesday and the loss of Thursday sorta

We are home! Tired seems too little of a word to describe how we feel. Wednesday we took a walk in Juhu and ventured down the little streets off the main ones. Probably not the best idea as we stood out like a sore thumb. We had many young girls with babies come to us saying "baby bocca" - this means baby is hungry. It's heart breaking and comes with the poverty in India. Slumdog Millionare plants the seeds that this is driven by mafia activity - forcing young children to pan handle for money. Not sure if this is true or not, but the locals had told us not to give money so we followed this rule. After our walk we lounged by the pool and watched as the hotel set up for a wedding. What an amazing task! Fresh garlands of beautiful flowers drape the raised wedding stage, the entrance to the wedding area is also draped with fresh greens and flowers. When the wedding started the groom and bride in traditional Indian garb made this a real eye catcher for us Canadians. What a beautiful site! We watched some of the wedding ceremony and were easily distracted by the dancing Hare Krishna's on the beach. They pranced up and down the beach strip belting out the Maha Mantre - a pretty cool site for sure and much different than the spectacle seen in downtown Toronto. Later in the evening we went into Juhu for a seafood dinner with the docs. Pretty sure the restaurant was called Gazelle. The food was to die for!! The restaurant brought us live samples of the fresh fish and prawns...I had to quickly look away as I cannot see it before I eat it. We had spicy prawns, Bombay duck - a very fine fillet of beautiful seasoned white fish, and Pomfret fish which is also a local fish seasoned to perfection. We couldn't avoid having classic butter chicken and naan as well - the best we have tasted! The food was amazing and it was great to have one on one time with the docs to talk about our recent events. The great news is we will soon be in the 2WW should all go well. Will keep you all posted on this. Thursday seems like a lost day as we travelled thru the bulk of it on no sleep. The flights were uneventful and we made it home safe and sound.

A not so clear shot of the wedding taken from the hotel room

Jan 19, 2010

Busy days in Mumbai

Tuesday was another great day here in Mumbai. We started the day by taking a very long and exhausting walk in Juhu. Looking at the trendy shops and enjoying the sites and sounds. After this we lounged by the pool for a couple of hours. We went to the doctors office around 4pm and met with our new SM and her husband. Also took care of the contract business with the lawyer. A very successful visit to the office.
When we arrived at the hotel we made plans to have dinner with Amit and his lovely wife Shikha. We went to thr Ramee Guestline roof top bbq restaurant. The food was amazing and the company the same. We ate and drank and had great conversation with both Amit and his wife. This was a great night in India and probably the best food in both trips so far. We had a great sleep, finally adjusted to the time change, just in time for us to fly out tonight....
Before we fly out we have plans to have dinner with the doctors, somewhere close to the aiport.
For now we have full bellies and are going to relax a bit before heading back out to Juhu to enjoy the day.

Jan 18, 2010

Update from India

Well here we are, back in Mumbai, loving the heat and the chaos. As per the norm of our story, we received some bad news just before departing. To go back in time a bit, we had received the news that our transfer would be Saturday the 16th, the same day we fly out. We were stoked to say the least! Saturday morning we awoke to the news that our SM had a high fever and the transfer could not continue. Thank goodness the docs made the right call. Our embryos were on high alert not to thaw and the docs ensured they stayed on ice!! The docs made a great call on this emergency. Monday Doctor Sudhir called us to make arrangements to have a car pick us up to take us to his office. We made the long drive from Juhu and about one hour later we had arrived. It felt great to pull up and be in a familiar place, 9,000 km's away from home. Weird huh! We had a great chat with the docs and discussed next steps, options etc... We made the decision, not so easily to switch to a new surrogate who can be ready in 5 days for our transfer. Today is day one of her progesterone treatment and on day 5 our transfer should happen if all goes well. We have plan B in place with the docs just in case. Thank god the docs have hearts and feel for us and all our hurdles.
We are staying at the Sun N Sand in Juhu Beach. Its a great place, similar to a Caribbean resort. Pool and hot tub out side with the beach and ocean just beyond. The food is ok and room is nice. We have an ocean view and well worth the extra money.
Yesterday as we drove back to the hotel from the doctors office the driver pulled over on the road, got out of the car and walked away..we joked that he was going to take a pee, and sure enough, he wandered into the roadside bush and dropped his pants! What a riot. Who can blame the guy, he waited for many hours for us as we met with the doctors.
We are still jet lagged, and sleeping is a callenge. We are exhausted but can only sleep for a few hours. Today we have had a great breakfast and are headed out to see the shops of Juhu and grab a coffee. We will hang by the pool until we need to get ready to go to the doctors office. Of course I have lost my sunglasses - this never happens! So, I am on a mission to get a new pair this morning.

Jan 5, 2010

Trip two!

We are booked to fly on January 16th to Mumbai! Starting over is exciting and we can only hope things go well this time around. If not, we will continue to plug away at this til its right. We will be staying at the Sun N Sand in Juhu thanks to the help of Amit. We are so looking forward to being on the beach and getting out to stretch our legs. This was not so easy at Vits - a little intimidating to cross the roads...
We watched the movie "Outsourced" on the weekend. Its a great watch and brought back some of our first trip emotions.
Lots of long awaited positives around the world lately, a few babies born and many people counting down the days til baby pick up. For those of you prepping for your first trip and first try we wish you all the luck in the world! This is far from easy, but the option and ability to have hope out weighs the stress in leaps and bounds.
Today is -18 Celsius here...a little to cold for my liking, so a short trip to Mumbai will help!
Our SM is waiting for us, she is such a trooper to wait for us for all these months. Hopefully this is a good thing...good things come to those who wait right??
2010 is a year of possibilities!