Jan 5, 2010

Trip two!

We are booked to fly on January 16th to Mumbai! Starting over is exciting and we can only hope things go well this time around. If not, we will continue to plug away at this til its right. We will be staying at the Sun N Sand in Juhu thanks to the help of Amit. We are so looking forward to being on the beach and getting out to stretch our legs. This was not so easy at Vits - a little intimidating to cross the roads...
We watched the movie "Outsourced" on the weekend. Its a great watch and brought back some of our first trip emotions.
Lots of long awaited positives around the world lately, a few babies born and many people counting down the days til baby pick up. For those of you prepping for your first trip and first try we wish you all the luck in the world! This is far from easy, but the option and ability to have hope out weighs the stress in leaps and bounds.
Today is -18 Celsius here...a little to cold for my liking, so a short trip to Mumbai will help!
Our SM is waiting for us, she is such a trooper to wait for us for all these months. Hopefully this is a good thing...good things come to those who wait right??
2010 is a year of possibilities!


  1. This is your year, Kerrie!! We wish you a safe trip with a positive ending!

  2. Oh YEAH! this your time. You have wonderful embies that have made it safely, you have a team you trust, and you have your Sm ready and waiting.

    It's all good, very very good.

    Much love

  3. I have a great feeling that we will hear really good news from you soon!

    Brian and I recently watched Outsourced and loved it. We especially loved the "trip" where they went to Elephanta Island. Have you seen the "Other End of the Line?" It has some great scenery of Mumbai as well.

  4. Can't wait to hear news of your trip...and even more news of a positive soon after!

  5. Oh Kerrie, it has to be our year. I wish u all the best and enjoy Sun and Sands...i hope i make it across the road..lol...it freezing here and i'm ready for warm weather!


  6. Jan 16 is so soon! How lovely that your babies are already there waiting for you. :)

    Sun n Sand is a very nice hotel- it's where we stayed. It's got a great pool, right on the beach, so you'll be able to have a holiday between hospital visits.

    Make sure you treat yourself to a massage while you're there. Preferably after the ET!

    Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.


  7. Kerrie and Mark,
    My prayers continue. Have a wonderful trip. Hope all goe well, and we are celebrating your positive soon. Love, GeGe

  8. It's DEFINITELY your year - and Mandy's (plus Amani and Jojo, but they're already part way there). Have fun defrosting at the Sun n Sand and make sure you eat at the Fusion restaurant next door (walk out of the hotel through the carpark and head left) as it's great. And super cheap!!

  9. I've got all I have crossed for you! I hope this is a very successful trip for you :)

  10. The 16th is almost here. Wishing you the very best for this time round.

    I have to say that -16 Celcius dounds just right to me at the moment. I can not handle the heat and we are in the middle of an intense heat wave. Today is expected to reach 40 Celcius....yucko!


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