Jan 18, 2010

Update from India

Well here we are, back in Mumbai, loving the heat and the chaos. As per the norm of our story, we received some bad news just before departing. To go back in time a bit, we had received the news that our transfer would be Saturday the 16th, the same day we fly out. We were stoked to say the least! Saturday morning we awoke to the news that our SM had a high fever and the transfer could not continue. Thank goodness the docs made the right call. Our embryos were on high alert not to thaw and the docs ensured they stayed on ice!! The docs made a great call on this emergency. Monday Doctor Sudhir called us to make arrangements to have a car pick us up to take us to his office. We made the long drive from Juhu and about one hour later we had arrived. It felt great to pull up and be in a familiar place, 9,000 km's away from home. Weird huh! We had a great chat with the docs and discussed next steps, options etc... We made the decision, not so easily to switch to a new surrogate who can be ready in 5 days for our transfer. Today is day one of her progesterone treatment and on day 5 our transfer should happen if all goes well. We have plan B in place with the docs just in case. Thank god the docs have hearts and feel for us and all our hurdles.
We are staying at the Sun N Sand in Juhu Beach. Its a great place, similar to a Caribbean resort. Pool and hot tub out side with the beach and ocean just beyond. The food is ok and room is nice. We have an ocean view and well worth the extra money.
Yesterday as we drove back to the hotel from the doctors office the driver pulled over on the road, got out of the car and walked away..we joked that he was going to take a pee, and sure enough, he wandered into the roadside bush and dropped his pants! What a riot. Who can blame the guy, he waited for many hours for us as we met with the doctors.
We are still jet lagged, and sleeping is a callenge. We are exhausted but can only sleep for a few hours. Today we have had a great breakfast and are headed out to see the shops of Juhu and grab a coffee. We will hang by the pool until we need to get ready to go to the doctors office. Of course I have lost my sunglasses - this never happens! So, I am on a mission to get a new pair this morning.


  1. Your post brings back a lot of memories about Mumbai. Wishing you tons of baby dust.

  2. WOOHOO, u made it babe! Thank god things are working out and the docs are ur right hand...i pray all goes well in the coming days and enjoy the damn weather. Its cloudy and cold here..take a drink and a swim for me.

    GOOD LUCK..praying constantly...

  3. OF COURSE there was a hickup, but you're so used to those now that this one would be a piece of cake! Enjoy thawing and shopping.

  4. I'm day dreaming about our time in Mumbai and happy to hear you're there and all is now well and good again with plan B.

  5. You're finally there! (again...hehe)

    Oh Kerrie, I am hoping with all my heart that this is the one.

    Please, please, please, please let it work this time. You deserve this soooooo much.

    I'll be thining of you and sending baby dust


    ps - don't forget the sun n sand has a happy hour! we certainly made the most of that. lol


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