Feb 23, 2010


Firstly thanks so much to you all for your kind words and making our blog roll counter climb to unprecedented numbers over the past few days. Having an online community support us is just amazing and we quite often speak of how geneorus you all are with your words. We feel blessed to have each of you follow our journey, and equally blessed to be part of yours.
The call from the docs was a hard one, for us and the docs. The solemn voices of the doctors as they delivered the news...our hearts pounding and bodies shaking. It is quite an experience. We have been with SI for a very long time now and have so much confidence in the docs and our relationship with them.
The docs know Mark and I well enough now and that we are people of action. We are not the kind to wallow in our sorrows. We take our lumps and start planning next steps immediately. After the delivery of the negative news we were onto planning next steps. For us...why wait? It just did not work this time and that is ok. We need to move forward! We cannot greive for lost embryos. We can only plan for the next transfer, bigger, better...GREAT!!
So, the stress of shipping gets to start over again! We have 8 embryos here of which 5 are very good quality. I will see the clinic on Thursday to make these arrangements and I have contacted Greg at Core to initiate shipping conversations. See...all action!! You may remember that we have three embryos in India now so why ship more? We plan to transfer our max embryos and Dr Yash wants to also transfer blasts (5 day embies). This is a great plan for us! Action action, move forward, make adjustments and get rolling!!

Feb 21, 2010

The Big Call

We got our big call....negative :(
We are ok - we knew that we had a 50/50 chance and sadly the odds were not in our favour this time. This seems to be the norm in our life so we are pretty used to it. We have always wondered why we have a black cloud over us. But, we will beat the black cloud, just not today.

Feb 14, 2010

TWW Buddies

Amber, Shannon....how are my tww buddies??????????????

Feb 11, 2010

6 Days down

Today is day six post transfer. The time has gone fairly quickly and the anxiety minimal. What ever happens...it is what it is. I had the opportunity to speak with another going thru the same TWW, and who actually saw our surrogate after the transfer. It was so nice to hear that our surrogate was glowing and happy. This is all we could wish for. We care for her health - both physical and emotional. It seems that we are more wrapped up in her feelings during the tww than ours. We know she is resting at the clinic and hope she is doing ok. Only 8 more days til our beta!! We so hope that it comes back high and leaving us with a sense of security. For me personally, the beta is great but the cardiac activity scan will seal the deal for now.

Feb 7, 2010

Update on transfer

Well, due to the emails we have received we figured we would put an update on our blog. We ended up transferring 2 Grade A embryos on Friday. These are the survivors of the thaw. Three would have been great, just not the way it happened and we are ok with this. It only takes one!! We have a stash of embryos in India and here at home so we are ready to go whenever needed (hopefully not anytime soon) We feel really relaxed about this, surprisingly. We know we have great embryos, we have an amazing surrogate and team at Lilavati/SI and with all the positives and babies born lately...well, we just feel good. It is not a false sense at all, just feel that we have the odds on our side (oi vey!). We know of two other couples who had transfers on Friday so we have TWW buddies which is kinda nice.
Will update when we have more news.

Feb 5, 2010

Ice Ice Babies

I have the shakes!!!! My heart is pounding and I want to tell the world. Its 7:27 am here and our transfer is happening now!!! Been texting back and forth with Dr to get updates and make snap decisions on embryos numbers
Oh its SO very exciting!!!!!!!!!

Feb 2, 2010

Its time!

Finally it is our time ...well atleast for a transfer. We now get to begin the tactical step that we have been trying so hard to get to over that last year and a half. Our transfer will be on Friday Feb 5th as long as all goes well. Last we heard our new surrogate "A" is doing well. We know she is a strong woman and her history proves her to be an excellent choice. They say you should never buy a car made on a Monday or Friday...I wonder if this applies to transfers as well?? LOL.
We are excited but reserved knowing that this is just the beginning should we get a positive. We have encouraged the docs...well..that we are good with twins, so they can send some strong baby dust on transfer day. Regardless of what happens, we are just thrilled to get started.
All the best to our fellow February cyclers! Its gonna be a crazy month!

Feb 1, 2010

Is this blog still live?

Hello .......
I have heard from people that this blog is not live, or unavailable. Can you let me know if you see this?