Feb 11, 2010

6 Days down

Today is day six post transfer. The time has gone fairly quickly and the anxiety minimal. What ever happens...it is what it is. I had the opportunity to speak with another going thru the same TWW, and who actually saw our surrogate after the transfer. It was so nice to hear that our surrogate was glowing and happy. This is all we could wish for. We care for her health - both physical and emotional. It seems that we are more wrapped up in her feelings during the tww than ours. We know she is resting at the clinic and hope she is doing ok. Only 8 more days til our beta!! We so hope that it comes back high and leaving us with a sense of security. For me personally, the beta is great but the cardiac activity scan will seal the deal for now.


  1. I hear you! Our heartbeat scan is happening any day & I feel like we'll be able to breath a little easier after that. I read somewhere that a live birth will result 70-90% of the time once cardiac activity is detected. The 2WW is just one of many waits to come, but feeling positive & anxiety-free seems to help the time pass more easily. We're sending baby dust your way for sure!

  2. Oh, Kerrie! You're nearly there! Here's hoping for a really strong positive!


  3. Hang in there!!! There's a lot of baby dust flying around right now ... this will work!!!

  4. All four of us here have all our fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for you both. After spending time with you both in Mumbai I know that you guys will be fantastic parents, so lets all pray that god is smiling on you both.

    Only a few more days to go, so get some reast because when it happens you wont get any.

    Your friend

  5. Stay strong!! You only have a few more days to go. Think positive! Stick, embies, stick!!

  6. Nicolle Kopping-PavarsFebruary 19, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    YOU have come so far, remained so strong. We are all rooting for you.


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