Feb 2, 2010

Its time!

Finally it is our time ...well atleast for a transfer. We now get to begin the tactical step that we have been trying so hard to get to over that last year and a half. Our transfer will be on Friday Feb 5th as long as all goes well. Last we heard our new surrogate "A" is doing well. We know she is a strong woman and her history proves her to be an excellent choice. They say you should never buy a car made on a Monday or Friday...I wonder if this applies to transfers as well?? LOL.
We are excited but reserved knowing that this is just the beginning should we get a positive. We have encouraged the docs...well..that we are good with twins, so they can send some strong baby dust on transfer day. Regardless of what happens, we are just thrilled to get started.
All the best to our fellow February cyclers! Its gonna be a crazy month!


  1. Kerrie and Mark,
    I'll be praying like crazy. love, Gege

  2. We are thinking about you both. This will work out! You have came so far.I wouldn't buy a new car. Ok, Just not a Toyota. LOL Please keep us updated. We are praying for you. Your gonna be awesome parents. I remember the roller coaster of emotions that we went through. That two week wait was dreadful. However, These 7 months have zipped by. We are here for you.

  3. Hooray!! That's so exciting. I'll keep everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) crossed for you. I won't be able to walk properly for two weeks, but it'll be worth it.

    It's your time, guys. Come on twins!!!


  4. LOTS more crossed for you here down under. I may need to uncross slightly to get on a plane next week, but other than that... :)

  5. Oh Kerrie, it has to be our turn..i'm praying hard as hell..lol...now put in a good word with the docs for us as well, we are VERY OK with twins...I would swim in that baby dust if i could...lol

    xoxox Amanda

  6. I am keeping everything crossed over here in Dubai too!

    This is gonna be the one (or two!). I feel it!


  7. I agree 100% with Carrie Jo - FINALLY!!!
    Wishing best of luck every step of the way. Thinking sticky thoughts and cheering "Go embies go!!!"

  8. Just echoing everyone's fervent hopes that you are rocking in 2011 with a baby in each arm!

  9. We're sending good wishes and sprinkling baby dust around while we're here in Mumbai. Our transfer is on the same day and if we see your surrogate while at the hospital, we'll give her a big hug. xoxo

  10. It's Friday 5th Feb here now, so it's D Day. Or more appropriately, it's the first day of the rest of your lives. I just got chills typing that!!!

  11. Thanks everyone! Its early Friday morning here and dinner time in Mumbai. I hope to hear from the docs soon - just praying that all went well. Our luck has never been on our side so we have hestitated optiomism today.


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