Mar 2, 2010

Cue the scary music

Working on the logistics of shipping our precious cargo brings back terrifying memories. We have five good embryos here and they will depart Canada this week and make the long trip to Lilavati. As I work on this I hear the scary music fill my head...the suspense, the cliff hanger. We have had one shipment go terribly wrong and one make it safe and sound. We are working with an amazing person at Core Cryolab and have full trust in his services. We know the chances of a shipment gone wrong again are minimal, but we would be foolish to not be nervous.
Looking ahead, our next transfer will happen in March as long as nothing goes wrong. We are fortunate to be working with doctors in India who understand us. Sure we are disappointed about the last time and getting a negative but this cannot hold us back from trying again as soon as possible. Now, lets just hope and pray we get a positive this time!! We are on our third surrogate and almost two years into it, so we have put in our time. Lets just get a positive and get rolling!
A few positives over the last week have made us smile. We continue to know this is possible and this gives us strength.
If this time does not bring us a positive I am back to cycling, needles, hormones..ugh. This is what it takes and I am a happy participant. I really hate pumping all these drugs into me but the cause out weighs the process. We should have enough of our donated meds to do one more cycle but I am really hoping that I can donate these meds onwards to some one in need. I know the people who gave us the meds would want to see them go to the right person if need be. So, we are fortunate to have the meds but are really hoping we do not need them!


  1. Commencing prayers for safe passage of your important package!!!!

    It's so important to get up, dust yourself off, and restart a new cycle and keep your emotional momentum moving.

    We're pulling for you guys. This is your time!!! Best of everything.

  2. The scary movie only has to be watched once. It is NOT going to happen again. You will be pregnant this month. It's TIME!!!!

  3. Here's praying the embies get to india okay, and that you will get a psitive this time. You both continue to amaze me. Love GeGe

  4. You are NOT going to need to become a pin cushion again!!!

  5. I'm praying for you and thinking of you all the time, Kerrie. Your little ones will arrive safe and sound and ready for a chance at life.

    Big hugs to one of the bravest women I know.


  6. Wishing safe travels to your little embies. May they be watched over by high above as they traverse the world. March it is!

  7. Hope the embies have a safe and uneventful trip and get the message to stick stick stick!

  8. I'm very proud of you that you are so strong and resilient, with that, you ARE going to be parents! I'm so glad you are so confident in the doctors. We feel the same -- they truly do care and want your dreams to come true.

  9. It has to work this time--I am crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!

    OK I spent some time blog stalking yesterday on your blog and some other great surrogacy blogs. I am SUPPOSED to be taking a MUCH needed break from the internet but I found your blog and others yesterday and now am filled with hope!

    I a now following your blog. I would love to read more and email/talk with you guys. I am going to be leaving similiar comments on some of the blogs in your little circle so do not think I am spamming you guys lol I am just trying to get as much info as I can. I have an almost 22 month old son, and cannot get pregnant again due to health issues. We cannot afford surrogacy costs, but then my mom told me about a documentary on TV about surrogacy in India. My husband and I are hoping to start the process very soon-I am reaching out to all you guys in hopes of finding out as much information as possible! Here is my latest blog about my situation...

    I am SO thankful to have found your blogs and others like it and am now following--pop on by and follow back if you would like or feel free to email me anytime

    You all have really given me hope...

  10. Hi Kerrie, just an internet hug for you! And I couldn't agree more with Stephanie! Fingers crossed for you big time.


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