Mar 9, 2010

Safe and sound

We have heard from Dr S that our embryos arrived safely. What a relief. We know what happened to us last July was a one in a million chance but it haunts us! Thanks all for your ongoing support. Transfer date will be sometime next week if all goes well and we hope by early April to have some good news.
On the baby making front, as I sit here having my coffee I look out the large patio door to my back yard and its a squirrel baby making factory out there! The mating habits seem some what abusive but in the end he gets the job done! We live at the tip of a marsh and the wild animal activity around us is amazing! The fence that lines our back yard is like a is 1.5 inch think wood and it acts as a pathway to opportunity (I think). The most agile are the squirrels and they run atop the fence at record speed. Below them the rabbits and red squirrels play in the garden, looking for the snacks they buried last fall. It a soothing view during the chaos of life. Our cats seem to really enjoy the view as well, and soon, they will be playing out there as well.


  1. Kerrie and Mark,
    Thank God is what I say to that. I'll keep doing what I do best. Love, GeGe

  2. Phew! What a relief. Now on to the transfer which will be be very gentle and non-abusive, unlike squirrel mating. :)

  3. Wonderful news that the embryos arrived safely! Wishing you lots of luck in the upcoming transfer!


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