May 10, 2010

No wine...

Well, out ritual has been broken.... Last week we got a call from Marks dad that his mom had fallen and needed surgery. She had stepped down from a step stool or ladder and bang...shattered her ankle. Next day was surgery and she was released on Saturday. By the time we got her a walker and settled at home we were knackered. We came home and just had no energy for our wine.
This weekend also brought a reunion with an old (not in age) friend. We found each other on facebook of all places and have chatted more than once on the phone. It is like the years apart never happened and we felt all caught up instantly! She is a wonderful woman, an amazing soul and a mother beyond beleif. She happens to have a special needs son and her experiences actually allow her to understand the surrogacy hardships. It is rare to come across someone who "gets" it.
As I type this post, I see the spell check button is missing...oh dear.


  1. There is no firiend like an old friend, and she gets it. What a blessing for you. Please tell Mark I will be praying for a quidk recovery for his mom. Love, hugs, and prayers. GeGe

  2. Oh dear - I hope Mark's mum gets better soon. It sucks to be unwell.

    So glad you were able to spend some time with a dear friend. It makes things much easier, doesn't it?



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