Jun 30, 2010

Day 13 Scan

The scan went well today.  I have loads of follicles FINALLY growing up into nice sizes.  Ideal size is 2cm and mine are all at around 1.3cm today.  Tomorrow another scan and blood and hopefully trigger tomorrow night, if not, Friday night for sure.  The delay in my follicle development was an accidental over dose on day 1 and 2 of my down regulation.  I was given the wrong size syringe and thus took 20 days of suppression in two days, hence, slowwww folli growth.  Things are on track now and I am happy! 
Sadly Patchy cats day has come.  She turned a corner this week and is not doing so well.  She is still happy and purring but walking into walks and very disoriented overall.  Poor old gal.  Friday night she will go on permanent vacation, probably to Rio or Fiji.   Wherever she goes, we will miss her dearly!

Jun 29, 2010

Things not to do when cycling

Watch Toby's arrival...TEARS!!! Uncontrollable tears.....
Congrats to Megan and Bob!

Jun 25, 2010

Jun 21, 2010

Cycle day 3

We have had a busy 2 weeks around here. Mark had all four wisdom teeth out and spent almost 7 days ala chipmunk cheeks. He is doing fine now, back to normal. In the midst of his swelling I had to prep and start my down regulation (ovulation suppression). Yesterday I went for my my day three bloods and ultrasound and all is good! Pre-stimulation I have 9 little follicles ready to grow. I have started my stimulation with the last of our donated drugs (LOVE U GUYS!!!). And, of course, I choose to cycle when the G20 summit is on in Toronto and my clinic is in the heart of it all. Yesterday, Sunday, it was difficult getting to the clinic as most of the down town core is caged off in readiness to protect our world leaders. Next scan is Thursday (day 1 of the G20)...so this is gonna be fun! I will need to travel way north to 401 and south on Avenue, where I usually hop on the Gardner and head up York/University. Oi vey! And, the clinic has all patients booking cycle monitoring as security in the building will check ID against the list and let me in after this screening...all this to try and have a baby.
We are apparently scheduled to have our next transfer at the end of June, and we are waiting on an update on this. Other that this, the weather has been super hot, just what we craved in January and love to complain about in June. Well, I am off to do my needles. Have a great day!

Jun 8, 2010

Patchy cat

Our little Patchy cat has a tumor, in her mouth on the jaw bone. It is so sad to know that her day will come soon. For now she is doing very well, eating and running around outside. Her jaw looks so large on one side and of course we have to find humour in this...so we call her Quagmire (like the big chinned guy from Family Guy). Giggity giggity.  Here she is outside on the weekend enjoying the sunshine. The tumour is on the blond side of her chin, poor old gal.  She is 18 years young.  Her days with us started off by us rescuing her from the cold November temperatures - her previous owners just left her at their house when they moved (sicko's).  We brought her home and she started to get all fattened up..so we thought.  We woke up one morning to the tiny meows of 6 kittens!  She so gingerly took care of her babes.  She would pick each one up and move them from one spot to another only to finally finish and find a few of them had wandered off into another room.  She was a persistent mother at this time.  For now we are keeping life normal for her until she shows any signs of suffering. 

Jun 4, 2010

Blood ozone, again.

So lately I am not feeling well. I have decided it is time for some good ole fashioned blood letting with a drop of sodium citrate and ozone. Since I plan to cycle this month it can only benefit me. As you may remember from a previous post, this is not a new experience for me. The benefits of ozone therapy are incredible. O3 (ozone) attaches to unhealthy cells when admistered intravenously and attacks bacteria, virus, cancer and fungus. I really do not have any of these pathogenic obstacles, I have an autoimmune that responds well to this treatment. This also cleans out some of my arterial plaques and sludge from my system and makes my egg reserve nice an healthy. I have a friend coming with me for the treatment (she is coming out of pure curiosity), so I may get her to snap a few pics of the process to share with you all.
The last few weeks have been quiet on the surrogacy front for us. We have had an update that our transfer will be end of June (monsoon transfer). We also had some wonderful news from our clinic here pertaining to last years unexpected opening of embryo vials in transit. I am not allowed to say much, but let me just say sometimes people do amazing things (Thanks Dr E, Dr C and Dr M).
A few babies are expected in the upcoming weeks, and we are just thrilled. Some of these people started out at the same time as us and soon will make the last and most exciting trip to India. This is a great year for surrogacy babies being born...so many already and so so many to come. Unfortunately, its impossible for us to have a 2010 baby so hopefully we will be one of the first in 2011. Not too soon into 2011 - would be a very premature baby! When we reflect over the last twelve months we are amazed at what we have been through and the amazing people we have met. We are fortuate to have made great friends, life long friends on the other side of the world. The wonders of Skype make these friendships so enjoyable! Some friends have had babies and seeing them so busy on skype video is a true joy. The hardships of the last twelve months haven't killed us, yet haven't made us much stronger. Sometime we are optimistic and some times we are angry...sometimes we have a hint of jealousy at another announcement of a positive. The jealousy is so short lived as it quickly turns to hope and optimism for us. We are in a huge community with big hearts for perfect strangers. Presiously I would have written "small" community but that is not the case these days.
Ok, my sentimental time is over. My dog needs his antibiotic and a bath as we continue to battle his MRSA. Last exam showed a 40% improvement and the doc praised my homework efforts. Its not easy giving a dog a bath with 4 shampoos - each has to stay on the skin for 10 minutes, rinse and start again. At the end of the shampooing we have a steriord and antibiotic spray then a leave in skin conditioner. After this, it is snuggle time is a warm towel and blanket til the little guy falls asleep in my arms and I am midly damp. A couple more months of this and a few more dog bites to go!