Jun 30, 2010

Day 13 Scan

The scan went well today.  I have loads of follicles FINALLY growing up into nice sizes.  Ideal size is 2cm and mine are all at around 1.3cm today.  Tomorrow another scan and blood and hopefully trigger tomorrow night, if not, Friday night for sure.  The delay in my follicle development was an accidental over dose on day 1 and 2 of my down regulation.  I was given the wrong size syringe and thus took 20 days of suppression in two days, hence, slowwww folli growth.  Things are on track now and I am happy! 
Sadly Patchy cats day has come.  She turned a corner this week and is not doing so well.  She is still happy and purring but walking into walks and very disoriented overall.  Poor old gal.  Friday night she will go on permanent vacation, probably to Rio or Fiji.   Wherever she goes, we will miss her dearly!


  1. I'm so glad to read that your day 13 scan went well.

    Sorry about Patchy.

    This has definitely been a roller coaster month for you.

  2. yay for everything being on track, but so sorry about your cat.

    our fur babies are so special to us.

    keep growing, follies...we love you!


  3. Oh Kerry, i'm so happy to see YOU happy!! Great news about the follices, i had the same problem with the wsyringes too...but sad for patchy! wishing her all the best, old gal...

    GOOD LUCK THE GO ROUND HUN!!! its up to us this year i guess. (well i havent even thought abouttrying yet..lol). lots of hugs and love, woohoo

  4. VERY glad to hear things are back on track and do as many extra days as you need to before retrieval!! I think I got to day 18 or something like that on my last cycle - ended up being a great result, but I was SO paranoid I was going to ovulate and lose the lot. So, so sorry to hear about Patchy. Hope evil doggy is getting better to minimise your work load.

  5. YEAH follicles, grow, grow!!!
    Give a kiss to patchy patch gigitty. Poor little thing. See you soon Tur.


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