Jun 8, 2010

Patchy cat

Our little Patchy cat has a tumor, in her mouth on the jaw bone. It is so sad to know that her day will come soon. For now she is doing very well, eating and running around outside. Her jaw looks so large on one side and of course we have to find humour in this...so we call her Quagmire (like the big chinned guy from Family Guy). Giggity giggity.  Here she is outside on the weekend enjoying the sunshine. The tumour is on the blond side of her chin, poor old gal.  She is 18 years young.  Her days with us started off by us rescuing her from the cold November temperatures - her previous owners just left her at their house when they moved (sicko's).  We brought her home and she started to get all fattened up..so we thought.  We woke up one morning to the tiny meows of 6 kittens!  She so gingerly took care of her babes.  She would pick each one up and move them from one spot to another only to finally finish and find a few of them had wandered off into another room.  She was a persistent mother at this time.  For now we are keeping life normal for her until she shows any signs of suffering. 


  1. Oh, baby kitty. 18 is a good innings. I lost my cat at 18. She was also a patchy kitty. She just lay down in the afternoon sun one day and passed away. it was her time. Terribly sad. Give your patchy lots of pats and chin tickles from me.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear this Kerrie. She sounds like a lovely fur baby, and you've been through so much with her.

    I love your attitude. Laughter, cuddles, comfort. Patchy cat will appreciate all these things.


  3. Oh Kerry, you have a heart of gold, taking in your fur baby and teh love u guys give them. I am glad to hear of your transfer happening in June...since we are struggling together i feel we should have our babies in 2011..i'm with u girl on all the feelings and hopes..

  4. We were so sad to read about Patchy :(. We love our fur babies (2 dogs)...better even than some humans at times :), so we know how hard this must be for you. Patchy has been so lucky to have you though. There is just something special about rescued pets...


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