Jul 8, 2010


Yesterday as I was sitting around with a post egg retrieval swollen abdomen and pain that Motrin would not even touch I got a lovely surprise.  A beautiful flower arrangement delivered to me, all the way from Australia!  A cheer up and feel better bouquet, which did just that!  This surrogacy journey is so difficult, but we have made amazing friends along the way.  Thanks Nik, Lisa, Taj and Alex!!


  1. Oh Kerrie thats wonderful!! They are so beautiful (kudo's Lisa & Fam). Glad to hear of the embryo count. It is blazing hot here too, we are at 42 celcius too!!

    Stay cool and all the best on your 2ww!! Nothing but love for u and Mark!!

  2. Kerrie and Mark,
    I've said it before, but it's worth saying again, the "surrogacy club" could teach the rest of the world a thing or two about love, compassion, and generousity to name a few glowing characteristics.
    I am praying that your 2WW brings the results you so deserve. Love, GeGe

  3. Oh, that is so sweet! They're gorgeous!


  4. Super glad we made you smile! I so agree with GeGe's comment - we're a great bunch that are brilliant at supporting each other so well as we all know, to various degrees, what the other is going through. I still feel that we have more in common with our surro club than I do with other new parents we've met since the boys were born. And I'm very happy for that to continue!!

  5. The flowers are beautiful! From India to Toronto to Australia to Boston and all over - we are all sending good wishes and baby dust. xo

  6. Sending you lots of sticky vibes for the embies and a heap of patience for you guys. I hope this 2ww ends with a big fat positive. We'll be praying for you guys.


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