Jul 7, 2010

Lucky number 14

We just had the fertilization call...14 embryos  (78%)!!!  The other four were somewhat immature but the dr at the lab will keep an eye on them and see if they make any progress overnight.   Whew...was a little stressful as Mark had to give a second sample due to lazy sperm, and before we left the clinic they mentioned they may need to do ICSI.  No ICSI and pure IVF worked out great again!  We are so fortunate to be able to always have great results on embryo production...just wish it was as easy with pregnancy. Tomorrow they all go on a long ice holiday, which with the 42celcius weather here this week sounds good to me.


  1. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

    keep the good news coming!


  2. Yay!!!! Love your good news!!

  3. Fantastic result!! Hopefully you won't need any of these for a while yet and you get good news from India shortly.

  4. Congrats what a great start!! Fingers crossed for continued success....

  5. May the beta be with you!

    Warm regards

  6. Those are SUPER results, and without ICSI nonetheless. Cluck, cluck, cluck... I feel even more good news for you in the future!!! Best wishes to you!


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