Aug 28, 2010

Aug 24, 2010


This is the date we stared our blog...almost two years ago.  Man, at that time we were sure we would be pregnant by February and have a 2009 baby.  Now, two years later, we can only hope and pray to have a 2011 baby - three years after starting.  For those of you out there who feel their patience is short with surrogacy, take a can be a long road.  As we are getting close to the end of our TWW, we are still remarkably numb.  The most we can muster up on a daily basis is 10 more days, 7 more days, that's it.  Three words is the limit of our tww talk.   Two years ago the thought of a tww was overwhelming, now, not at all.  It is probably our brains protecting us from dealing with it, better to be numb to it at this point than obsessive? 
4 more days

Aug 17, 2010

Transfer update

Great news, we had our transfer today and all looks to be a successful start.  Our embryos now have the task of nuzzlin in for the long haul.  We ended up laser hatching one embryo and the rest were laser free.  So the wait begins (again...) and we will keep our minds and hands busy during this TWW.

Short update..

We heard from Dr Shivani about our thaw.  We had a 50% survival rate which is in line with what all the text books say (blah).  Today is our transfer and we expect to hear another update later today.  It seems as if Dr Shivani does not sleep - when she emails us it is very late in India! 
We have everything crossed for our SM.  We hope today she is not too nervous, feeling well and resting. 
More updates later today!

Aug 16, 2010

Indian Surrogacy IP's are amazing!

Hi Gang!  Just a quick note to say thanks for all the lovely comments.  We have been in the shadows for only a month or so and it feels like forever.  Once we went live again, you were all there waiting for us.  You're an amazing group of people!
It is almost 7am here and I imagine our two straws have been thawed and are in the incubator at Phoenix, hopefully multiplying and thriving.  Tomorrow around this time, hopefully we will have had an update on this and how the transfer went.
No nerves here!

Aug 15, 2010

Day before thaw!

We are excited knowing that our little embryos will have a shot of laser to help them along the way.  In this day and age, a shot of laser can do us all some good (eyes, wrinkles, embryos...whatever).  It feels good to be starting fresh.  We have renewed hope! Deep inside of me I feel we will get pregnant, but am not allowing that little pocket in me to open up.  We have been through the negatives, so allowing the thoughts of a positive to come to life is just too scary.  God forbid we get a positive - how will we deal with this?  I have spoken to many people in that very position, after many self cycles, miscarriages and negatives in India, allowing yourself to be excited or even accept the pregnancy is a common struggle.  Until you are in India with baby in hand,  this probably won't happen.
Finally Griffin arrived and he looks perfect!  Congrats Jo and Tim!!!  I am sure the reality has now sunk in have a baby! Life is amazing.
We have made our first wire to the new clinic (SCI) and even our finance person at the bank is excited for us to try again. 
Tomorrow is out thaw, hopefully our embies are strong and hang in there for laser treatment on Tuesday to then make the journey through the little catheter into their permanent home.  Now, if just one of them would hold on tight we would be very pleased.

Lots has been happening in our little break

On July 27th we started the shipment process, again, this time to Dr Shivani in Delhi.  The precious cargo arrived two days later with no issues...whew. 
The next day we received surrogate profiles and quickly made our decision - we are starting to become pro's at picking surrogates.  The very first time we laboured over it, now its about the stats.  We picked a lovely gal, 25 years young with an 18 month old.  We chose her because she had the least amount of time since her last pregnancy. 
The very next day we received our contract and notification that our SM will start treatment asap.  Fast forward a week and we got an update on how she is doing, her lining details and trilinear update.  This was a much needed confidence booster for us.  Every one going thru this journey craves more info, and so far we are in good shape.
Our transfer is scheduled for this weekend, pending arrival of thaw media!!  Back in the saddle, excited to try again.  Lots of births lately in both Mumbai and Delhi which keep us inspired!  Congrats to you all!!!!

ET and ramblings

The latest from the doctor:

The embryo transfer is planned for 17/8

Will thaw the embryos on 16/8 and culture for a day and then do laser hatching and the transfer on 17/8
Preg test 11 days post day 3 transfer so will be on 28/8
Will update late pm on 17/8
The surrogate's lining is brilliant at 11 mm trilaminar
Lets wait and see how things go
Yahoo! This is great news.  The updates are fabulous and helping to keep us sane and positive. 
Just now, we are waiting on Jojo and Tim's baby to arrive.....c'mon....any day now!!!  Megan and Bob's little Toby is growing leaps and bounds. 
With all the good news around us we do have some renewed hope.  As we look around at the forums and blogs, it is great to see that our originals are all expecting.  I say originals as this is the group we started out with in late 2008.  The strugglers.  It seems of the originals we are the last (I could be wrong on this) but the pity party in my head says we are the last.  Being last is not a bad thing, all of you before us will be our knowledge bank, our go to people.  You tried and tested and now we can reap the benefits!
For us, we are keeping busy - too busy it seems! And, we have become addicted to a video game of all things.  We are far from gamers, but have been playing a game for two weeks now and are stuck on one level.....I think we have accumulated 18 hours of wasted time trying to win this level...sick.   This is a short lived addiction for sure, but dagnabbit!!!
August 20th is an exciting day for us, as Taj and Alex will turn one!  For those of you who know Nik and Lisa, their journey had some hiccups and now we look at two beautiful boys and celebrate this journey!   Happy Birthday boys!

On to a new clinic, with renewed hopes

While you all thought we were taking a break, we were actually plotting our next move.  We shipped our recent batch of embryos to SCI in New Delhi.  Today July 29th they were received, and we can breathe a sigh of releif. 
Since we had our three tries at SI, we decided to change clinic and see what happens.  It really has nothing to do with Lilavati or SI,  just the natural progression.  Sometimes switching things up does the trick, so only time will tell. 
By the end of August we will have had our first transfer at SCI and also some renewed hope.  Three negatives and one shipment gone bad in the past has kinda sucked the positive vibes out of us.   We have also chosen to not panic about our line of credit balance as we have a lifetime to pay this off.  Having a family is the most important thing to us and unforunately our path costs some. 
Last night  I finally spoke with a couple who had twin girls in January.  They are from BC Canada, had the girls in Ahmedabad and did citizinship in Delhi.  Whew..what a trip!  They did the whole DNA, passport and FFRO by themselves - real champions!!  From birth to exit it took six weeks. Something to look forward too.....