Aug 15, 2010

Day before thaw!

We are excited knowing that our little embryos will have a shot of laser to help them along the way.  In this day and age, a shot of laser can do us all some good (eyes, wrinkles, embryos...whatever).  It feels good to be starting fresh.  We have renewed hope! Deep inside of me I feel we will get pregnant, but am not allowing that little pocket in me to open up.  We have been through the negatives, so allowing the thoughts of a positive to come to life is just too scary.  God forbid we get a positive - how will we deal with this?  I have spoken to many people in that very position, after many self cycles, miscarriages and negatives in India, allowing yourself to be excited or even accept the pregnancy is a common struggle.  Until you are in India with baby in hand,  this probably won't happen.
Finally Griffin arrived and he looks perfect!  Congrats Jo and Tim!!!  I am sure the reality has now sunk in have a baby! Life is amazing.
We have made our first wire to the new clinic (SCI) and even our finance person at the bank is excited for us to try again. 
Tomorrow is out thaw, hopefully our embies are strong and hang in there for laser treatment on Tuesday to then make the journey through the little catheter into their permanent home.  Now, if just one of them would hold on tight we would be very pleased.


  1. Persistence is a worthy opponent to all the negatives!!!! You guys are the inspired image of always moving forward.
    YOU WILL GET THERE! And the world can't wait to celebrate along with you.
    Best of everything.

  2. You guys have always been so positive and supportive of everyone else. This has got to be your time. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts from Alaska.


  3. Hoping this is your very last transfer ending in a baby in 2011. Go embies GO!!!!!!!! (PS. No, it's not real til you hold your baby. Even on the way to the hospital for Toby's I was anxious thinking"Surely nothing can go wrong now".

  4. Kerrie and Mark,
    Here's hoping and praying for you. Love, GeGe

  5. Good luck with the new clinic. Dr S is amazing! You'll love working with her. Baby dust coming your way! :)

  6. So agree with Edward - your persistence will pay off and the world can't wait to celebrate with you. Stay nice and chilled and what will be will be. Huge hug!!

  7. Fingers crossed! I really hope for the positive result! Ula

  8. Oh, my dearest Kerrie, I'm standing up from the computer and doing a 'positive pregnancy' dance as we speak.

    I'll also say a prayer to Mata Rani - it worked for me!



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