Aug 15, 2010

ET and ramblings

The latest from the doctor:

The embryo transfer is planned for 17/8

Will thaw the embryos on 16/8 and culture for a day and then do laser hatching and the transfer on 17/8
Preg test 11 days post day 3 transfer so will be on 28/8
Will update late pm on 17/8
The surrogate's lining is brilliant at 11 mm trilaminar
Lets wait and see how things go
Yahoo! This is great news.  The updates are fabulous and helping to keep us sane and positive. 
Just now, we are waiting on Jojo and Tim's baby to arrive.....c'mon....any day now!!!  Megan and Bob's little Toby is growing leaps and bounds. 
With all the good news around us we do have some renewed hope.  As we look around at the forums and blogs, it is great to see that our originals are all expecting.  I say originals as this is the group we started out with in late 2008.  The strugglers.  It seems of the originals we are the last (I could be wrong on this) but the pity party in my head says we are the last.  Being last is not a bad thing, all of you before us will be our knowledge bank, our go to people.  You tried and tested and now we can reap the benefits!
For us, we are keeping busy - too busy it seems! And, we have become addicted to a video game of all things.  We are far from gamers, but have been playing a game for two weeks now and are stuck on one level.....I think we have accumulated 18 hours of wasted time trying to win this level...sick.   This is a short lived addiction for sure, but dagnabbit!!!
August 20th is an exciting day for us, as Taj and Alex will turn one!  For those of you who know Nik and Lisa, their journey had some hiccups and now we look at two beautiful boys and celebrate this journey!   Happy Birthday boys!

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  1. Alright, I have to know. What's the video game? My hubby is a gamer and might be able to give you a hint or trick to get past the level.


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