Aug 16, 2010

Indian Surrogacy IP's are amazing!

Hi Gang!  Just a quick note to say thanks for all the lovely comments.  We have been in the shadows for only a month or so and it feels like forever.  Once we went live again, you were all there waiting for us.  You're an amazing group of people!
It is almost 7am here and I imagine our two straws have been thawed and are in the incubator at Phoenix, hopefully multiplying and thriving.  Tomorrow around this time, hopefully we will have had an update on this and how the transfer went.
No nerves here!


  1. Kerrie, I just got on this morning and caught up on your blog. I am so happy you guys are trying again and just pray that these little ice babies are good and sticky. I literally can't wait until we're seeing pictures of your little one.

  2. I agree with everything my daughter just said. I actually just got done praying for you before I got on for an update. It's so good to hear from you again. I'm determined to hold your baby. I have faith that will happen. Love, GeGe

  3. All the best for you and your little thawing miracles. You are here for us we are here for you.

  4. it has been the best day of our lives, kerrie. i am confident that some of that will transfer to your thaw.

    go embies, go!!!

    i have been singing to mata rani all day for u! xxx

  5. Where the hell have i been....i wanna join the party too. lol. i was away for the weekend and this is what u do to me, have me read all your posts with a smile on my face, from ear to ear..LOL....I love that you guys are such strong willed people!! I helps the guys behind (like me) feel so much better!! Good luck hun, wishing u nothing but the best!!!

  6. I'm glad you're back! Wishing you and your "Ice, Ice Babies" all the best!

    xo, Tracy

  7. We are praying for positive results Kerrie&Mark.


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