Aug 15, 2010

Lots has been happening in our little break

On July 27th we started the shipment process, again, this time to Dr Shivani in Delhi.  The precious cargo arrived two days later with no issues...whew. 
The next day we received surrogate profiles and quickly made our decision - we are starting to become pro's at picking surrogates.  The very first time we laboured over it, now its about the stats.  We picked a lovely gal, 25 years young with an 18 month old.  We chose her because she had the least amount of time since her last pregnancy. 
The very next day we received our contract and notification that our SM will start treatment asap.  Fast forward a week and we got an update on how she is doing, her lining details and trilinear update.  This was a much needed confidence booster for us.  Every one going thru this journey craves more info, and so far we are in good shape.
Our transfer is scheduled for this weekend, pending arrival of thaw media!!  Back in the saddle, excited to try again.  Lots of births lately in both Mumbai and Delhi which keep us inspired!  Congrats to you all!!!!

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