Aug 15, 2010

On to a new clinic, with renewed hopes

While you all thought we were taking a break, we were actually plotting our next move.  We shipped our recent batch of embryos to SCI in New Delhi.  Today July 29th they were received, and we can breathe a sigh of releif. 
Since we had our three tries at SI, we decided to change clinic and see what happens.  It really has nothing to do with Lilavati or SI,  just the natural progression.  Sometimes switching things up does the trick, so only time will tell. 
By the end of August we will have had our first transfer at SCI and also some renewed hope.  Three negatives and one shipment gone bad in the past has kinda sucked the positive vibes out of us.   We have also chosen to not panic about our line of credit balance as we have a lifetime to pay this off.  Having a family is the most important thing to us and unforunately our path costs some. 
Last night  I finally spoke with a couple who had twin girls in January.  They are from BC Canada, had the girls in Ahmedabad and did citizinship in Delhi.  Whew..what a trip!  They did the whole DNA, passport and FFRO by themselves - real champions!!  From birth to exit it took six weeks. Something to look forward too.....

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