Aug 17, 2010

Short update..

We heard from Dr Shivani about our thaw.  We had a 50% survival rate which is in line with what all the text books say (blah).  Today is our transfer and we expect to hear another update later today.  It seems as if Dr Shivani does not sleep - when she emails us it is very late in India! 
We have everything crossed for our SM.  We hope today she is not too nervous, feeling well and resting. 
More updates later today!


  1. Please Please Please let this be your turn!!! I am praying all the time and your in my thoughts often...GOOD LUCK to a GREAT couple (more like kick ass couple, lol).


  2. have been thinking about you guys alot and have to say - not to jinx anything - but have a good feeling about this time around...

    you have been so patient - whether you realize it or not - and it has to be your turn soon.

    many prayers.

    xx T&S

  3. This time is your time...

    Good luck to you, keeping both fingers and toes!

    Yes, we do wonder when Dr S sleeps? She is reachable 24-7! Completely wonderful!

  4. I bought a figurine of Mata Rani and have it by my bed. I will say a prayer for you tonight.


  5. Sticky baby dust blowing your way!

  6. This has got to be your time! Everyone is routing for you!

  7. Good luck! I am praying this is your turn. I still have 1 more week from my 2WW.


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