Sep 7, 2010

AMH test and trying to get back to..normal

Friday I had the requested AMH test. I get to sit here and panic over my ovarian reserve and egg quality! As if this journey hasn't been stressful enough, I get to ponder the fact that the two years of bs and negatives could have run out my time and left me with dull and tired ovaries.  Baboo at the lab said the results take "a week or two" so my current version of the dreaded tww is on.
The other fun stuff is that it took 52 days for my cycle to renew itself.  Try having pms for over 30 days and see how you feel.  I think most of you reading this get it, so I need not say any more.  Finally, Aunt Flo came with fury and totally made my long weekend enjoyable (insert sarcastic tone).
I look around blog land and see so much excitement.  Fredrik and Robert  had a beautiful baby girl finally, and many other new friends are expecting in the very near future.  We also had a very personal and inspiring note from Dr Shivani that really helps us look to the future. Her timing was amazing as it was my last day of mourning my negative and hearing that I may have an embryo quality issue..whew..dodged a depression bullet.   For now, the doldrums of life go on.  Fall is in the air already and September brings a really busy month for me at work, including travel to London.  Our friends in Australia are looking forward to spring and all the new daddies have just celebrated Father's Day. I am a little disappointed that the Aussies have to have fathers day months after we do.  I cannot keep track of all of this!


  1. Kerrie, I just want to send you a hug! I know its tough and when you think of all the fertility drugs your pour body is getting over its amazing that you do all that you do. I still believe with all my heart that you guys will have your baby one way or another.

  2. good luck, darling girl. i hope you get good news when your tww is up. waiting, waiting - always waiting. you must have the patience of a saint!

    big hugs


  3. Sending you hugs across the miles. xxx


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