Sep 11, 2010

The Next Family

Gay, straight, adoptive, interracial, single and now surrogate.  There are many types of families to celebrate and admire and there is one website dedicated to this.   Diversity is acknowledged on this website and  I now have the blessed opportunity to be part of it as a volunteer guest writer.  I was recently contacted by the marketing director who had read our blog and many of your blogs.   Our story caught her attention and prompted her to contact us.  When going through surrogacy in India we are often not comfortable to have media follow us as it can feel exploitative and can be cut up in the editing room to portray our stories in an unfavourable light.  Fortunately, the next family dot com is a website that celebrates unique paths to parenthood and beyond and for that I am thrilled to be part of it.
Please look forward to my start to finish (whenever the finish may be) as documented beyond my blog on:


  1. Welcome. I am so glad you are on board and can't wait to read your stories.

  2. Thats awesome!! You write your heart away girl...we'll be reading and cheering alongside you. Go SURROGACY WORLD!

  3. While it is wonderful news, Kerrie, it is not in the least bit surprising! Never the less it is well deserved!!! (I told you your talent as a writer is exceptional - now my point has just been proven! *wink*) Congratulations, Kerrie!!! And continued success in reaching people's hearts, minds and spirits....


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