Sep 16, 2010

Still waiting (just a ramble)

Our latest TWW is still on (waiting for AMH test results).  In the meantime I am very busy with work and now a great chest infection.  I will be in London (England) in two weeks for work so I am happy that this infection in now and not then.  It is horrible to be sick and have to count on the comforts of a hotel room.  This is what I dread about doing a fresh cycle in India.  I typically cycle well, yet post retrieval am a mess.  So many births have happened in India and so many more to come.  I am looking forward to the next few months of arrivals as some of them have a real special place in my heart.  All of them are very special but a few births coming up are from people we had met in 2008 when we first started this "project". 
For now we just wait. So much depends on the AMH test results and until then we cannot really make any sort of plan.   The beauty of being part on the Indian Surrogacy community is just that, community.   Not a day goes by where we do not get an tidbit via blogs, skype, telephone call, forums or email. I have my morning routine where I make my coffee, sit down at the laptop and read email, forums and blogs.  It gives me an unusual strength.  Not only do I continue to get a sense of optimism, sometimes I get a reality check.  The business of ART and surrogacy is never a sure thing.  Heck, life is not a sure thing.


  1. Your morning routine sounds like mine...its keep me going i guess. Wishing you all the best with your results.

  2. Yes, that morning routine helped get me up in the morning. What would we do without our surro family?

    Love you lots, Kerrie. And I can't wait to hear your results. I hope they give you the answer you're looking for.


  3. Kerrie, that is my routine also! We are all so in tune with each other. It is so refreshing and motivating to see your positive outlook on your journey onward. I wish you the best of luck and many successes!!


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