Oct 29, 2010

Flights booked

Our flights are booked for our next trip to India, this time to Delhi.  Advice: do not travel to India in December as it is high season and the flights are super expensive.  We are paying a substantial amount more than we did in previous trips (January and July).  Well, it is what it is.   Sure, we could wait a few months, but why...why wait when time is ticking and we are two years into this.   So flights are booked, accommodation is booked, drugs are purchased and we pick up our Visas tomorrow.  Seems a much easy task after two previous trips.   Now, after many cycles here and my weight gain, I have to figure out what to pack for comfort and what actually fits my IVF robust figure.
I also wanted to thank you all for your words of encouragement regarding my online article.  It is wonderful to know that you support it, and I hope you check back weekly as the story continues.  It is mildly therapeutic to journal this for thenextfamily.com, as I may not have fully dealt with some emotions and now am facing them head on as I draft them into a word document.
Also after 6 weeks of a cold, I am starting to feel much better.  My fertility doctor put me on some supplements for premium follicle production and I believe they are helping me feel better.  My next plan is Blood Ozone therapy to kill off all the parasites, fungus, bacteria and nasty mucus out of my system.  I need my reproductive organs scrubbed...a good fall cleaning!
Oh and lastly, I spilled the beans in short form to my boss.  Taking off the time in December to travel to India kind of made him a bit uncomfortable so I explained to him in brief the importance of my trip, and that I would work for the first week as much as I could remotely.  He wished us well and now knows my secret.

Oct 26, 2010

My story is live!

Well, I am officially outted on thenextfamily.com!  I awoke this morning to see an email from the editor that our story is up on the website.  It's kinda exciting for me!!  I have opted to let the magazine choose the feature pic, but may submit my own pics for the next submissions.  I have pasted the link direct below, but you can go to http://www.thenextfamily.com/ and click on blogs to find my submission on a frequent basis.


Special thanks to Madge for finding me and giving me a chance and to Brandy for working so hard on getting my story up!  You gals are a gift!

ps> Edward and Paul...where is your update?

Oct 24, 2010

Saturday - getting an Indian visa

The visa office opens at 8 am and closes at 2:30pm for application drop off.  We decided to get there for 11ish.  The office had conveniently moved from the front of the building to the back, so that was fun to start!  When we finally get into the office, there is a see of 400 Canadian Indians and us.  security tells us to take a number and we do.  We are A122, and they are working on A78.  This was going to be a long wait, but luckily we had all our paperwork in order and just had to wait and watch the screen as A80, A85, A92 etc were called.  Finally after 1.5hours, A120 is up.  We are excited, finally, our turn is close.  A female security person came to me and said can I check your paperwork, and of course I obliged.  She takes a mini-second glance and says "that's old form, you need new form", "go to security check in and get new form"...of course as minor panic sets in as we rush to security, who could care a less that we looked panicked for his help.  Finally we grab his attention and he gives us the correct forms.  A121 is now being served!!  We rapidly started filling in the forms, then....A122.  YIKES!! I was overheated and panicked.  No way was I getting a new number.  So we ran to the counter and asked the woman to take someone else and we will be ready after that.  She was more than happy to help us out.   The 900 year old security guard asked us why we hadn't filled them out in advance, so I calmly told him I downloaded the forms in the morning to find out they have OLD forms on their website.  In the end, we bowed to the cash grab called "Visa" and were on our way home.  Exhausted from hours of waiting and seconds of panic!  We had to then head to my fertility doctor who has moved his office half an hour west, so we made our way there, waiting in the waiting room for 1.5 hours and finally got to see him.  Blood and ultrasound were done, and he agreed with Dr Shivani's plan and protocol.   Finally we concluded the day with a nice dinner out and grocery shopping.  Sunday we drove 45minutes north to grab some compassion Gonal-F and now we are home, finally, relaxing. 

Oct 21, 2010

Planning has begun and our two cents

Well, we are off to India in December for attempt number 5.  We have our protocol set, and I have managed to find some Gonal F at 60% off clinic/pharmacy pricing. I am so happy this is not my first attempt and first trip to India with all the stories flying around about exiting Delhi.  If I was a newbie I would be scared to death.  Fortunately my unfortunate wisdom allows me to know that the clinic bashing will never go away.  When we were with SI, we received horrible emails about them and attempts of fear mongering that we ignored, and now, as we are with SCI, we get the same act and read the same slandering.  I think IP's need to understand that chaos can happen in Delhi, Mumbai, Anand, Ahmadabad & Hyderabad and that this is typically caused by IP's and not the clinics, or doctors.  Pricing will change and unforeseen charges will slap us in the face.  We have accepted this as the reality of what we are pursuing.  I am not writing this post to slam anyone, I am just saying that after over two years into this, we have seen alot of changes and some unfortunate activities.  I am still a positive face of surrogacy in India and will continue to be long into the future. I love being part of this international surrogacy family and hope and pray everyone has success.

Oct 11, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

We had a beautiful fall weekend for our Canadian Thanksgiving.  I cooked a turkey and all the fixing's this year and we ate and enjoyed.  I am pooped today but it was worth it all.  We went to Rattray Marsh at the bottom of our street for a 3km or so walk on Sunday and with the 22celcius weather it was perfect.
A few more babies born over the last week in India, all very exciting!  To the preemies out there, stay strong and get big and healthy as soon as possible.   Happy Birthday to Mandy on 10 10 10!

Oct 2, 2010

October update

It has been a short while since we updated our blog.  Not much to say on the surrogacy front yet.  We are still working out the details of planning next steps.  We have had a few busy weeks here. I have submitted my first submission to thenextfamily.com so this should be posted live anytime now.  My submission is our story from day one and onward.  It is written and published in blog type format and we really hope that our story will somehow reach out to those who have lost hope and inspire them to look at the alternative choices, like surrogacy, in India.
I had the pleasure of facilitating a meeting between my RE and ND.  My ND invited us and our RE to his home for dinner.  It was an unusual experience to spend an evening with your own two doctors on a social side.  It was a nice night, good food and conversation! I am hoping they can work together in helping infertile couples achieve success.  My ND does alot of intravenous treatment for scrubbing the uterus of excess mucus to better the chances of embryo implantation.  He also works with the fellas to boost sperm count and mobility.  He has great success rates, and always giggles when he mentions how "he" got someone pregnant. 
I had my whirl wind trip to London and landed home late last night.  I am fortunate that I work within a division that contains 45 countries, so seeing all the affiliates is a real pleasure.  I love to listen to the accents, the efforts to speak English and the stories of their home and work.  We had a group dinner organized at a restaurant called Brilliant.  It was an Indian restaurant, recognized by Chef Ramsey himself as a good one.  The food and service was amazing.  This was the closest to authentic Indian cuisine I have had.  If you are in London, I would recommend eating there for sure.
Lots of babies have been born over the last few weeks and it is very exciting times!  Seeing the triplets, twins and singletons lately really inspires us to keep plugging away.  Sometimes we lose hope and faith, but all it takes is a blog or forum update on a birth to pick up our spirits and feel some optimism.