Oct 29, 2010

Flights booked

Our flights are booked for our next trip to India, this time to Delhi.  Advice: do not travel to India in December as it is high season and the flights are super expensive.  We are paying a substantial amount more than we did in previous trips (January and July).  Well, it is what it is.   Sure, we could wait a few months, but why...why wait when time is ticking and we are two years into this.   So flights are booked, accommodation is booked, drugs are purchased and we pick up our Visas tomorrow.  Seems a much easy task after two previous trips.   Now, after many cycles here and my weight gain, I have to figure out what to pack for comfort and what actually fits my IVF robust figure.
I also wanted to thank you all for your words of encouragement regarding my online article.  It is wonderful to know that you support it, and I hope you check back weekly as the story continues.  It is mildly therapeutic to journal this for thenextfamily.com, as I may not have fully dealt with some emotions and now am facing them head on as I draft them into a word document.
Also after 6 weeks of a cold, I am starting to feel much better.  My fertility doctor put me on some supplements for premium follicle production and I believe they are helping me feel better.  My next plan is Blood Ozone therapy to kill off all the parasites, fungus, bacteria and nasty mucus out of my system.  I need my reproductive organs scrubbed...a good fall cleaning!
Oh and lastly, I spilled the beans in short form to my boss.  Taking off the time in December to travel to India kind of made him a bit uncomfortable so I explained to him in brief the importance of my trip, and that I would work for the first week as much as I could remotely.  He wished us well and now knows my secret.


  1. Oh Kerrie, its all so familiar but exciting once again to cycle. I'm excited for you this go round and PRAY and HOPE its your turn more than ever. I agree, why wait, we've all been doing too much waiting..lol.

    Enjoy, and hoping those follicles are doing GREAT!!

  2. I'm so happy to read that everything is progressing and that you are feeling better. I'm really praying that this is your time. I am totally amazed at your ability to keep a positive outlook through all the trials and I really admire it.

    I know what you mean about the increased ticket cost. It was a unpleasant shock to Brian and I as well.

  3. I am holding you in the light and I know your Karma is great and this will be the time.

  4. I totally understand your impatience. In the infertility "game" that's all you do. I was always so anxious to start new cicles as soon as possible. Why wait?
    I am sure that your positive attitude and strenght to do it will bring desired outcome. You will be great mom. Good luck.

  5. Kerrie and Mark

    Sooooo many people the world over are cheering you guys on. I read your internet story and it was heartbreaking. Too many of us know the pain of infertility however to lose a child/children at a later stage must be the worst kind of pain. My sister lost her daughter at full term and I was honoured to meet my beautiful sleeping niece for a short time and she looking like she would wake up if you just warmed her up. That was ten years ago and the pain of that moment still flattens me at the time I least expect it...............I can't imagine how it must feel if you are the parents.

    I know that we will all be crying tears of joy for you guys really soon. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Cheers Trea

  6. It seems like lots of jobs are being outposted to India lately! :) Enjoy Delhi (as much as you can) and take loads of two-sizes-too-big shorts and sweats. Still need you to make it to Agra to visit the Taj for me if you're up to it...

  7. Wishing you all the best for your trip to Delhi - babydust to us all :-)

  8. Kerrie and Mark,
    You know I will be on my knees praying for safe travel, an uneventful egg pick up, and of course that your next trip to India will be to pick up a baby. Love, GeGe


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