Oct 2, 2010

October update

It has been a short while since we updated our blog.  Not much to say on the surrogacy front yet.  We are still working out the details of planning next steps.  We have had a few busy weeks here. I have submitted my first submission to thenextfamily.com so this should be posted live anytime now.  My submission is our story from day one and onward.  It is written and published in blog type format and we really hope that our story will somehow reach out to those who have lost hope and inspire them to look at the alternative choices, like surrogacy, in India.
I had the pleasure of facilitating a meeting between my RE and ND.  My ND invited us and our RE to his home for dinner.  It was an unusual experience to spend an evening with your own two doctors on a social side.  It was a nice night, good food and conversation! I am hoping they can work together in helping infertile couples achieve success.  My ND does alot of intravenous treatment for scrubbing the uterus of excess mucus to better the chances of embryo implantation.  He also works with the fellas to boost sperm count and mobility.  He has great success rates, and always giggles when he mentions how "he" got someone pregnant. 
I had my whirl wind trip to London and landed home late last night.  I am fortunate that I work within a division that contains 45 countries, so seeing all the affiliates is a real pleasure.  I love to listen to the accents, the efforts to speak English and the stories of their home and work.  We had a group dinner organized at a restaurant called Brilliant.  It was an Indian restaurant, recognized by Chef Ramsey himself as a good one.  The food and service was amazing.  This was the closest to authentic Indian cuisine I have had.  If you are in London, I would recommend eating there for sure.
Lots of babies have been born over the last few weeks and it is very exciting times!  Seeing the triplets, twins and singletons lately really inspires us to keep plugging away.  Sometimes we lose hope and faith, but all it takes is a blog or forum update on a birth to pick up our spirits and feel some optimism.


  1. You sound really good Kerrie...I'm always happy to read your updates. I haven't been to London in a while but every time I go I have great Indian food there. Looking forward to reading your article on this website. I have checked the site a few times.

  2. Welcome home, Kerrie. I missed you!

    Can't wait to read your article, too. Pls post a link to remind me.


  3. It will be your turn very soon!!!

  4. Glad you have not given up. I know you will have a baby. I am holding you in the light.

  5. Welcome home!!! And what a great couple of dinners. The one with your doctors would have been super interesting to attend. Looking forward to reading your first instalment at thenextfamily.


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