Oct 21, 2010

Planning has begun and our two cents

Well, we are off to India in December for attempt number 5.  We have our protocol set, and I have managed to find some Gonal F at 60% off clinic/pharmacy pricing. I am so happy this is not my first attempt and first trip to India with all the stories flying around about exiting Delhi.  If I was a newbie I would be scared to death.  Fortunately my unfortunate wisdom allows me to know that the clinic bashing will never go away.  When we were with SI, we received horrible emails about them and attempts of fear mongering that we ignored, and now, as we are with SCI, we get the same act and read the same slandering.  I think IP's need to understand that chaos can happen in Delhi, Mumbai, Anand, Ahmadabad & Hyderabad and that this is typically caused by IP's and not the clinics, or doctors.  Pricing will change and unforeseen charges will slap us in the face.  We have accepted this as the reality of what we are pursuing.  I am not writing this post to slam anyone, I am just saying that after over two years into this, we have seen alot of changes and some unfortunate activities.  I am still a positive face of surrogacy in India and will continue to be long into the future. I love being part of this international surrogacy family and hope and pray everyone has success.


  1. Totally agree. When I see the fear mongers refer to the 'CRISIS' in Delhi, I think to myself....I AM STILL BLOODY HERE and didn't know I was in a crisis! It's unfounded ignorance and crap and makes me want to spit!
    YES, I want to get home but it has nothing to do with my doctor's practice and everything to do with the Indian gov't and unscrupulous people that have caused us all to pay the price...quite literally!!!!
    Best wishes! December is right around the corner.

  2. OMG, you are the voice of reason...that's it, we're screwed.

    Good luck. Glad to see you're still moving forward. I'm appalled at this latest cyber clinic attacks (for lack of a better expression). As a result, we have had to turn on comment moderation on our blog due to a slew of very unsavory comments in this regard and we have nothing to do with any of it! Kudos to you for staying steady and strong.

  3. Have everything crossed for this journey - it HAS to be the one.

    Amani (Meg) - too lazy to sign into Gmail : )

  4. Wise words, sister. So happy to hear that you are staying positive; Hoping and praying that this is your time!

  5. Thank you for your post - so very true. I will meet you in December and truly hope that this attempt will be a positive one for you. Crossing everything for you and praying to anyone who will listen.

  6. Super glad it's full steam ahead and you got your drugs at such a good price. Will be sending a zillion positive thoughts your way.

    And yep, things change in India. If anyone thought it would be static from when they commenced to when they picked up bubs they would be in for an incredibly rude shock.


    ps - take a day out when you're in Delhi and zip to Agra and check out the Taj Mahal for me. After five trips I still never made it...

  7. I'm with you sister! ALL THE WAY! clinics, surrogates and all, for better or worse we're in this knee deep and continue to do so until we have success one day. I'll stick it out with you hun!

    Wise words from such a wise person. Great post. Glad to see u posting. Much Love hun!

  8. So happy to hear you with a spring in your step! This entire experience...this journey we've all undertaken to build our families...is such a pre-cursor to being a parent. As a newbie on that front, I have found such perspective in embracing the unique challenges of surrogacy abroad. Every lesson in tolerance, patience and flexibility that you are taught (force fed!), helps prepare you for facing the same with your son or daughter...every hour of every day. We are all better parents because of the path fate took us down...

  9. We are so happy you are doing this. Be positive because good this happen to people who are persistent. We keep our fingers crossed.

    Also using common sense and not believing everything people say is a wise thing.

    All the best,
    Ula and Saul

  10. This is your time, I can feel it!! I love how we have created this cyber family and are able to put our clinic choices aside and support each other in reaching our ultimate goal: a healthy baby, or two, or three! ;) Good luck on this cycle, I've got everything crossed for you guys!!

  11. Fabulous news Kerrie. I am holding you and Mark in the light.


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