Nov 29, 2010

27 days

27 days of cycle syncing is wearing me out.  I am in a constant state of "tired".  Tomorrow I finally get to add in my Gonal F and today I start Letrozole.  It is at this point where my husband dare not mention he's tired or achy as the hormones rushing through my blood stream just do not have patience or understanding, nor empathy.    Yesterday I bought some snacks for my trip, yes, that's about all the preparation I have done!  I leave Saturday, a mere 5 days a way, and have zero motivation to pack. Normally by now I would be 75% done, just have to add last minute items and toiletries.  The down regulation fatigue is killing me and I look forward to getting to India to sleep and rest, no hustle and bustle of year end at work and a break from launching a new product into the Canadian market.  I have always cycled at home but it was 10-14 days of stims after about 6 days of down reg, and this was a tolerable amount for me.  I will continue to work while in India, but at my own pace and sleep/nap if I feel like it.   I had my pre-stimulation blood and ultrasound on Saturday and all is good, thank god!  Last thing I needed to hear was that I had cysts and the cycle would be compromised.  I have lots and lots of little follicles sitting at .5mm, just waiting for the Gonal F to boost them up to 1.8mm and the ultimate trigger shot to finish them off.  For now, that's it.  Cycle strong and keep pace is about all I can ask for. 

It  is also Monday, so our blog is updated.  I have made an error Aussie friends call me Chooky and I wrote clucky!!   Well, point is, I am like a chicken, clucky, chooky whatever! (Sorry Lisa...)

Travelling with Gonal F...looking for advice please!!  The package insert says it can be stored at room temperature if expected to be used in 28days.   Cycle buddies: do you agree that I can travel with them, not packed in a cooler?  It will be much easier if I can just pack them in my carry on and be done with it!


  1. Be sure to label everything as medical fluids so you get through security. Carry a doctors note as well. I am hoping all goes fabulously and get lots of eggs. How does the sperm get there? Is Mark going as well?

  2. Sending very good thoughts your way!

  3. Oh we are wishing you all the best for your trip - grow follicles grow!!!!!

  4. Check with the manufacturer - I remember being told one of my drugs could be left unrefridgerated (if it was less than xx degrees), but once you left it out you had to use it within xx days and you couldn't re-refridgerate it. The trigger shot I took with us had to be keep very cool, so I ended up asking the cabin crew to store it in their fridge for me - and it came back in a half melted container of ice. Suffice to say I purchased a new trigger shot when we arrived!!

    Not long to go. And not much to pack. Sweats, shorts, tshirts and comfy shoes. That will do you for the week!! I'd be tempted to 'accidentally' leave my laptop at home so no work could get done either... On second thoughts, don't do that as we all want to know how you're going. Which will be good and you will, once again, be Queen Chook.

  5. All the very best, my dear.

    Fingers crossed, baby dust and sticky vibes all coming your way.


  6. I had a doctors note, took it in a lunch bag (insulated-like the ones u take to work or weight watcher one) and a few packs of ice pack, u can also ask the flight attendant to put ur "bag"in the fridge but i kept it with me cool and it was fine. at the airport they didn't even ask to see my note, but now-a-days, who knows..I hear u on day 27!!! i am in aww, U GO GIRL, i will never complain again, i bow at ur feet, lol. i could never...u baby will be so in debt to u, LOL...i wish u nothing but the best!!

  7. To be on the safe side...I would keep them cool. You would hate not to and then find out they are wasted. Too much $$$ to opinion.
    We took a small cooler with a top part to put dry stuff in it. We got a Doctors note and also got the stewardesses to fill a baggie with ice when our ice pack melted. Pretty much same as Mandy.

    Good luck darling :)

  8. I was probably a little more lax in the care for the meds. I had gonal and did not refridgerate. I put them in an insulated lunch bag and carried on all meds (in case of luggage loss) with the docs note but did not refrigerate - used the lunch bag to keep a standard temp due to changes in temp in the plane (did not want it to get too warm).

    Good Luck!!!!!

    Will be watching every step!!!


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