Nov 2, 2010


Huge congratulations to Amber and Brian on the birth of their baby girl!  Amber and Brian have waited too long and now, a perfect little girl has come into their life.   Baby WAM is also on his or her way,so we just need this little one to hold on until the proud parents arrive on Friday.  This is a very exciting week in India!!
Our next entry on the is live and can be found in the blogs sections under surrogacy.
Today I am off to see Dr C at the fertility clinc for a quick check in and organizing the start of our December cycle.   I have a real sense of calm about the cycle and the trip to India.  This is more than likely denial, but I will call it "calm" for now.


  1. I like calm too. Stick with calm. You can control calm.

  2. Kerrie and Mark,
    Praying your calm continues.

  3. Things are moving in the right direction, Kerrie. That's wonderful news.

    And your patience and determination will pay off. I can't wait till your dreams come true. You deserve every ounce of happiness coming your way.



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