Nov 20, 2010

Down Regulation

We heard today that our surrogates have started down regulation!  Timing is perfect, but that is no surprise with how Dr Shivani runs things.    What is down regulation  you ask?  Well, fortunately, I have the answer (credit to :  :
The most commonly used protocol for IVF involves giving a drug called gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue either by daily injection e.g. busereline, lupron or a long-acting injection such as zoladex or as a nasal spray. The logic behind giving the agonist is to temporarily suppress the woman's natural hormones (down-regulation) and allows for greater control over the treatment cycle. There are different protocols for administering these drugs; each has its pros and cons.

I have been on the down lo' for 18 days now, its a long protocol to allow me to cycle in a timely fashion since flights and time off are booked.   Two more weeks til I hop on a plane!  At this time in two weeks, I will have been up up and away for 2 hours. 


  1. Woo hoo!!! It's a happening thing...

  2. Oh my gosh!!! so exciting! :)

    baby dust, darling woman


  3. It's happening. So much to do. I love your honesty and great attitude.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping the next 2 weeks goes quickly. Are you going to get a trip to the Taj Majal on this trip?

  5. Praying with all my heart that after this your only trips to India are for baby pick ups. Love, GeGe

  6. Steph..the next two weeks will fly by...somehow I have not started organizng myself..very unlike me. I am not sure if we will see the Taj...depends on cycle timing etc.

    Love all of you for your support!!!


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