Nov 8, 2010

Raking is for suckers

We decided to buy a leaf blower this year as our new home has a large lot and loads of trees.  Clearly, raking is for suckers!!  We fired up the blower yesterday and managed to move all the leaves to the curb in about two hours.  In our neighbourhood you put all your leaves at the curb and on your city assigned garbage day they come with a large vacuum and suck them all up. 
This is Mark having at it:
This side of the yard was cleared via "the blower"
Here I am in my glory, the garden behind me would have been an impossibility to rake, but blowing was a breeze to clear out the bulk of the leaves.

Prior to cleaning up the leaves, I realized I had not taken my superfact injection and rushed to do it about 4 hours late. Sheesh, the drugs make me dumb!  I have sorted out this problem by setting a daily reminder on my Ipod touch.  During the week it is part of my getting ready for work routine, but the weekends throw off the schedule.   All in all the weekend was good.  I did something way out of the norm on Saturday night and went to Bingo!  The pot was $100,000 and desperate for cash I figured I would give it a try.  A girl I work with joined me and we broke our bingo virginity.  Let me tell you tho', don't mess with some of the Bingo bitches!   Holy smokes, we got sat down and started on the first game and were gabbing throughout it and did we ever get told off.  The rather large breasted Bingo momma gave us the business, she obviously dislikes newbies and made that clear to us! Luckily, the single track pant wearing gentleman at our table was kind enough to help us through the night to ensure we did not miss anything.  He was quite angry at Lou, the ball caller.  I am not quite sure how Lou affects the out come of the balls, but apparently in the world of Bingo, you bash the ball caller all night.


  1. This is too funny. I play bingo at a particular restaurant in West Hollywood (gay city in Los Angeles) and all the nuance of bingo are about sexual orientation and it is hilarious. It is open to everyone and just about every type of person shows up. We drink, laugh and eat "okay" food and my little group has won countless prizes as well at the going into the bag of "crap" when you are tied and lose the tie breaker. So I know what you mean about Bingo. But yours is way more serious. Our caller is a cross dressing male who makes a beautiful woman. Might even be transgendered. It is just such a fun evening.

  2. So did you win anything?? I'd be going to Madgew's if you lived closer. And that blower looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Bingo is INTENSE, i would go in with back up girl..LOL!! Some people have their special markers and once i saw a man with a rabbit foot. Scary. We love our blower...we can put it on the curb too but never know the date they come by and miss it, lol.

    Enjoy your new toy and upcoming cycle.


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