Nov 30, 2010

Stim day 1!!!

Today is my first day of stimulation!! After 28 days of down regulation, I now get to add one more shot to my morning routine.  I managed to find Gonal F from a girl who lives fairly close to me, she had posted it on Craigslist, and  I also got some compassion Gonal F from our lovely Mandy.  I have ten days worth of meds, and will carry five days worth on the plane.   I have a note from Dr Shivani for travel and my clinic here will also have one ready for pick up when I go for cycle monitoring on Friday. I have decided that since I am only taking 5 days worth, I can easily pack in a small cooler bag and get the airline staff to refrigerate for me.  We travelled home from Mumbai with a bag full of Puregon cartridges, and only had an issues at Heathrow -who assumed it "might" be bomb making liquid and made us go through the rigmarole before we could leave. 
4, yes 4 days til I leave!! Mark is following me a few days later due to issues with getting time off work.  It seems that I will be the only IM there until at least the 10th. Fortunately I am expecting two visitors, one from Hyderabad and one from Mumbai.  My friend from Hyderabad has tried to hook up with us on our previous visits to Mumbai but ended up not coming due to some family requirements and having a one year old to manage.  Hopefully we can connect this time, even for dinner and catch up.  Well, it is almost time for Gonal F, so I best go prepare myself mentally.  Have a great day!!


  1. Ouch! I feel for you. You gals are very brave and hearty folk! Us boys have it SOOOOOOO much easier on our path. GOD BLESS and travel safe.

  2. Good luck with all of this most of which I have no idea about. I just feel it will work out well and a baby will be on it's way or two. I am thinking twins.

  3. Go follies go!!! This will work!!!

  4. Praying with all my heart. Love, GeGe

  5. Remember to pack Henley, she can be great (or not so great) company for you until Mark gets there. And why is a chook named Henly? Wouldn't Henrietta have been more appropriate? I digress - pack enough cold bricks that it all stays super cool, and then let the cabin crew put it all in their fridge too. Go with them when they put it away so you know where it is. And if it's not cold enough or you don't think it's safe enough (you don't want it all going missing at this late point), simply keep it with you.

    And SO glad that you've started the real stuff. Are you going to post a photo of what I'm sure is a very black and blue belly for us to all sympathise over?


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