Nov 16, 2010

Travel companion

Well, I have a new travel companion... his name is Henley!  He travelled to Canada from Australia, bringing wishes of good egg production in December.   The card with the large Rooster on it also references my chicken like ability to produce copious amounts of eggs.    Thanks Lisa!! Your support and friendship is always cherished!


  1. God, that is SO Lisa's sense of humour. Love it : )


  2. I want to see pictures of Henley in India! Hope Dr. Gonzales doesn't find him :)

  3. Ok, who's Dr Gonzales?? He/she sounds evil if poor HEN-ly is in danager.

    So glad she got to you safe and sound Kerrie - not that I think Aust / Canada Post could do any damage to a stuffed chook. Looking forward to the adventures you two (three when Mark gets there) have around Delhi.


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