Dec 21, 2010

6 Days down

We are 6 days into our two week wait!  Time has gone very quickly as we have had many distractions (like flying home, jet lag, turning 40, going back to work, trying to sleep and eat, getting a head cold and prepping for Christmas).   Saturday Mark had the family come over for birthday cake which was nice and Sunday I was able to have a glass of wine!  I had to wait until Sunday so I was finished my antibiotics.  Sadly the wine wasn't really enjoyed as I was brewing a heck of a head cold.  I drank 3/4's of it and had to lay in bed to rest.   I went to my naturopath on Monday for an IV of fluids, vitamins and homeopathic injectables so hopefully by end of day today I will be on the mend. We have about 5 days, 7 hours and 59 minutes til our tww ends.  Fortunately it is a short work week but a busy one, then we do the European Christmas Eve, eat fish and break bread.  Christmas day will be at our house (I was voluntold) and I will be cooking the whole traditional bird and fixings. 
On the good luck charm side of the tww, we have an ancient Hawaiian fertility brooch from Gen and Winston, and gold necklace from Ursula,  an inspiration stone of Hope from Rebecca, a chicken from Lisa and two charms for my charm bracelet from my sister Christine (one is a four leaf clover and the other is an elephant).  Very thoughtful loaners and gifts from our friends and family!!! We are loaded up with hope, faith and prayers - now lets just see how it all plays out!  We have 6 good chances this time, yes, six...yikes!
Enjoy the Holiday season, whatever that may mean to you!  And in tradition at our house, we will watch Bad Santa and enjoy that chubby blonde kid who eats sandwiches and is oblivious that his Santa is a drunk thief!!!


  1. I am holding you all in the light here in Los Angeles.

  2. Wishing you lots of birds in the oven this holiday!!!! Hugs!

  3. Oh my dear girl...I'm waiting right alongside you.

    And I echo what Edward least one but hopefully two birds home to roost in India.

    baby dust!!!


  4. Not too many birds...PLEASE!! One will be a blessing...thats all we can hope for.


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