Dec 23, 2010

Can you imagine this happening?

In the midst of our TWW and we get word of this article and its small follow up article a few days later...

There is always a fear that at baby pick up your dna test will not match so the horror of this story is too close to home.   I just cannot imagine having twins and only one child has a dna link.  The mix up in the lab could have happened just as easily at home and sadly our government is not offering any help to this couple and they have been stranded for five years.

ps...less than 4 days left in our tww!!


  1. That is the sadest thing i EVER read!!HOw does this end? I am shattered for them. Prayers and prayers will be going out to them.


    (PS: we're on hold-maybe until summer :(

  2. 4 days, 4 days, 4 days...and baby is growing. i can feel it :)


  3. Scary stuff. I remember a brief scare when another family had this happen with one twin. They tested again and it confirmed DNA. What a nightmare.

  4. We are holding our breath waiting for your news!

    I remember reading about an IVF mix-up in the US where the clinic implanted the wrong embryos. It was awful. I can't even imagine what that it must be like for the couple in India to have to go through the uncertainty for so long.

  5. It is awful,awful awful, but I don't get how they could have one twin with a match and the other without - did they swap sperm midway through ICSI? Unless it was with two surrogates. The other couple with embryo donation, you just can't do that now. Early on some countries didn't require DNA testing but they all do now. Heartbreaking for all concerned.

  6. We are anxiously awaiting your update and we are watching closely. Come on embies!!!!! One more day until you hear, praying for you!

  7. Just catching up on your blog as a fellow Canadian and at day 12 of the 2WW. Congrats on your 8 weeks! Can't wait to be there.
    This is certainly tragic and the couples devotion to the child is unquestionable, but there are many other questions left by the story as told in these articles. Did they do a second DNA? Why not go through adoption and wait one year as opposed to the five they've waited so far? How could this possibly happen unless it was a fault with the DNA process?...and too many other questions to list here.


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