Dec 6, 2010

Day 1 in Delhi

I landed in the wee hours of Monday morning to the newly renovated Delhi aiport.  Nice airport!  The flights were great, and the trip to Delhi is about 2 hours shorter than Mumbai.  After exiting customs, I headed to the swarm of drivers outside searching for my name card, and quickly found it being held by Rahul.  Rahul helped me with my luggage on the long, long walk to the car park.  The drive to the B&B was about 30 minutes and the streets were pretty clear at this time.  When I arrived at the B&B I was shocked to find men in the room, who were gonna to stay with me...they are apparently the help, here to help with anything required.  Not my idea of of relaxing.  I asked them to leave and Rahul helped me with this.  Being by myself made me nervous enough, never mind having strange men sleeping in the same place as me.  They were kind enough to leave and I was able to settle in somewhat.  I skyped with Mark and had a mini melt down.  I was totally freaked out, being by myself with the possibility of these guys hanging around in my space.   I managed to get some sleep (about 4 hours) and awoke to the men ringing the door bell to come in.  I let them in as I was not sure what was happening and they commenced settling in for the day.   They offered me breakfast and I had some toast.  The whole thing was freaking me out, then  I found out from the owner that some single gentlemen would be checking into the empty rooms in the apartment. I guess I did not understand before booking this that the rooms would be rented out.  I went into panic mode..this is way out of my comfort level.    The place itself is great, two nice patios, comfy beds and loads of room to move around.  Unfortunately, the idea of sharing it was not sitting well with me so I had to move.  I had no choice.  Mark is home in Canada freaking out about me and my safety.   So I made arrangements with Amit, yes, the best travel guy in India, our Amit!!  I had a 2:30 appointment at Phoenix with Dr Shivani and had made arrangements for Rahul or one of his guys to take me.   Shortly after two they arrived and I was en route to the hospital.  It was a quick drive, maybe 10 minutes at the most.  I went into Phoenix to be greeted by Dr Seghal, the hospital director/pediatrician.  He welcomed me and wished me the best of luck and said he will see me in about 9 months time.  Yeah! Positive vibes....
Shortly after Shilpi arrived and escorted me to the waiting area for my ultrasound.  Dr Shivani arrived and we were set for follicle hunting.  Dr Shivani is great, so personable and friendly.   As she prepped the u/s trans vag wand she made a joke about this being my "welcome" to India!   The u/s showed a good 13 follicles with some growth since Friday's scan at home.  We made a small adjustment to my superfact to encourage better and faster growth.  After the u/s we chatted about next steps and surrogates.  All in all a very good appointment.  It was great to meet Dr Shivani finally and also Shilpi.    After my appointment I met up with my driver and tried to explain my move situation, his English is not the best, still learning!  He did amazing and got me moved in less than half an hour.   I checked into my new hotel and feel much safer. The hotel is about 5-10 minutes from Phoenix so it is all good.  I should be asleep now, but have not adjusted to the time change yet.  I did sleep a few hours in the evening, but now ..awake.
Delhi feels similar to Mumbai, yet somewhat different.   I guess I cannot make an assessment after one day.   We will see what tomorrow brings!

It is somewhat timely that our update is live details egg retreival.


  1. OMG!! You're in INDIA!! I would be in panic mode x10 being with out my hubby and having that kind of arrangement at the B&B...GREAT to hear about the follicles and your move with AMIT! I am praying with the rest of the world 2011 is your year hun..thinking of you each and every day for the best. GOOD LUCK, get some sleep and make those embies!!

  2. I know this is going to work. I just read the post on Nest family and realized it was for the first retrieval where I believe the eggs thawed. Correctly if I am wrong on that.

  3. Congrats on so many follies :) Sending good thoughts your way! Is this same Amit as in Mumbai? We really liked him.

  4. Kerrie,
    What a courageous woman you are. You are truly one of my heroes. As soon as I post this I am getting on my knees to pray for you. All my love from across the miles. GeGe

  5. Sorry to hear about the apartment shuffle but glad you are settled somewhere comfortable where you feel at ease. 13 follies! That's a great start to your upcoming pregnancy! Best of luck.
    Send our best to Rahul!

  6. Go chook girl, go! And is Henley liking her new accommodation too? Great that it's close to Phoenix. And bummer about having to move - but who else in the world would sublet rooms in an apartment than the Indians?!?! I remember being told about that now, but had totally forgotten. So wish I was able to travel buddy with you so we could have laughed about all of this in person.

    You do whatever you need to do to feel safe and secure, and then do nothing more than concentrate on why you're there - and then get out and about and have a look. You know you're still in India, but Delhi is definitely different than Mumbai. Enjoy it!!!


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