Dec 7, 2010

Day two recap

Day two was another mixed day.  I started the day off at an easy pace and around 11:30 I received a call from Shilpi to have lunch.  We went to the mall and ate at the Punjab Grill.  Food and company were great!  After this I came back to the hotel and kinda dozed off, for a long long time...and slept beyond my designated time for meds.  When I awoke I was in panic!!!  These meds are so important as is timing,  I cannot believe I missed it and slept thru it all.  I did my shots asap and called Dr Shivani who reassured me it is ok due to the protocol I am  on.  I will not be at ease until I have my U/S later today. 
I have just received a phone call mid post and it is Amit, who is in the lobby!! So, I must go and catch up later....


  1. Gosh! I'm sure everything is ok, but very looking forward to hearing the results of your ultrasound. And catching up with Amit!

  2. [and is your poll about Indian surrogates, or surrogates world wide? that will change the responses you receive...]


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