Dec 28, 2010


Since Jo dedicated a post asking for details and congratulating us and many of you asked for details, I figured I best jot them down now.   Dr Shivani called at 4am, and I was DEEP in a Nyquil sleep.  Getting woken up mid nigh time buzz is tough as I felt disoriented all day, and sadly am still quite sick.  Anyway, Dr Shivani calls and goes right into it with huge excitement in her voice "Kerrie, I am calling with the best Christmas present EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I started screaming and our conversation was full of excitement on both ends.   Obviously Mark awoke instantly and knew what was happening, especially with all the screaming and thank you's and OMG!!!!  It sure is wonderful to get this call as opposed to the "other" that we normally have received.   We are very lucky to announce that one surrogate is pregnant and our beta is 150, a good solid starting number.  Our first scan will be Jan. 3rd for which I imagine will look at the fetal pole and yolk sac etc.   Its VERY early stages as you know, but we are so delighted to FINALLY get a positive.  Getting back to sleep was a challenge after that news.  We had some nice tea that we brought home from Delhi (hard to justify a glass of wine at 5 am), And then I puked.  Yes, all the excitement caused me to upchuck!  Maybe sympathetic morning sickness, but probably just the excitement.   Later in the morning we received scanned copies of the lab work and we felt sad for surro 2 and her negative.  She is such a lovely gal and we really hope she gets another chance soon.  We shared our news yesterday as well...we know we should wait til all is good and clear, but we just couldn't wait.   With all our negatives, some friends and family are feeling that we are being scammed, even though we have reassured them we are not.   We had many phone calls yesterday, and a new mom of twins in Europe called to congratulate us and she was giddy!  Every time she giggled on the phone, the twin boy would laugh along with her...just melted my heart!!  Thank you so much for all the emails and all he blog comments!  I am thinking collectively we have enough prayers and good wishes to keep this pregnancy going til at least 36 weeks! Thank you thank you! 
Huge thanks to Devender at the Phoenix lab and Dr Shivani for letting us know what a positive feels like! For now we are grateful for this and will take it one step at a time. 
Based on the beta I am assuming a singleton, and one friend who is in Delhi now loving the birth of her baby girl emailed us to say that their beta was 149.6 so I am pretty sure we have one good baby there.
Anita/Dreaming will be flying off to Mumbai soon for baby birth and we had such a good chat last night - my excitement of a positive and hers of finally getting to go for baby pick up!  All the best for safe travels and birth!!!!
And lastly for those who have received negatives....we are the poster children for negatives and rocky roads (as I write this I imagine the poster Mike and Mike could make lol).   This was transfer number 5&6 for us, yes, number 5&6!!  We never gave up on the process or our embryos.  Please keep plugging away, its not easy emotionally or financially, but persistence is worth it.

Our update on the is live, here is the link


  1. Yay ! I am so glad you pursued the fresh EPU option !!! I felt it in my bones it was your turn but was too scared to put it out there. 150 is great and could mean double trouble. Best Wishes

  2. Nice and solid!! Kepp rising BETA!! cant wait to hear more updates.

    All the best hun!

  3. YAY, YAY,YAY. Can't wait to hear all good things from now on.

  4. Here I am crying again as I read your entry. I am just so very happy for you. I'll keep praying, and you keep believing that all will go well this time. Love, GeGe

  5. Congratulations! Utterly happy for you. Like you, I've also been through 5 attempts. Now on my 6th and it was also positive! While my beta was 250, I haven't announced it yet except to immediate family. After 5 tries, I just want to keep it quieter this time until I get closer to 3 months. (Even though I want to shout it to the world and tell everyone)! By the way this is my first time to your blog so it is very nice to meet you :) However I can't stop staring at that beautiful beach in your picture... where is it exactly? Congrats again, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. Congratulations! I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be able to write this to you! You guys have been through so much and it is soooo exciting to see you go on to the next step of the journey!


  7. I had to read your post twice.. it's hard to make out the words with tears spilling down your face. I am so so so happy for you guys.

    I actually screamed when I saw that you are pregnant.. this is the best news EVER!!

    I wish nothing but great things and lots of luck for you guys until you get your little baby(s) home. I think that you have gotten all the drama, stress and heart ache out of the way so that you could have clear sailing and great things in 2011.

    I cannot think of two people who deserve this more than you and Mark!!!

    Congratulations... love you guys lots!!


  8. A HUMONGO, generous, heaping-wonderment-filled helping of congratulations to you both!We are thrilled for you and cannot wait to see you return to India next summer, in the middle of the monsoon season, to claim your family and meet Canada’s newest upstanding national(s)…FINALLY!!!! We wish you warm hearts, good thoughts, and safe journeys as you enter your next phase of waiting.

  9. Good thing we didn't try to call yesterday - don't think we would have got through! So happy for you guys still, and thanks for sharing the details. Including your own special way of celebrating :0

    And don't forget to update the header of your blog to include that best word of all - POSITIVE.

  10. Oh, Kerrie...that is a terrific, really solid number! I'm anticipating a girl... :)

    Congratulations, darling woman!!! I'm thrilled for you and very sure everything will be smooth and boring with this pregnancy. You're right, you have so many people praying for you!



  11. Kerrie - Steve and I just read your blog together and all I can say is that good things come to those who are such a sweetheart and we couldn't be happier for you. Many, many prayers coming your way from Texas.

    Much love,
    Terry & Steve

  12. What perfectly one-derful news -- a little monsoon baby!!! Can't wait to hear about the continued, hopefully boring pregnancy...

  13. Happy, happy! Joy, joy! Your time has come. Congratulations! :)

  14. Absolutely love that you can change the header on this blog!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!

  15. Simply wonderful news. Congratulations. On seeing your scanned results I was smiling ear to ear. What a wonderful Christmas present indeed!

  16. The best Xmas pressie ever!!!!
    So happy for the both of you.

  17. OMG! Just got back for a long Holiday and finally catching up with Blog readings. Congratulations to both of you. Tears for joy just flowed down my face from reading your post. I am so happy for you guys. CONGRATULATIONS!

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