Dec 16, 2010

Last Day in Delhi

It is hard to believe that time went so quickly.  Our last day was busy as usual.   We had a lazy morning then headed to Select City Mall.  We checked out the mall which was very western in style and a bit too pricey for us.  The only thing we bought was some whisky!  We headed to Delhi Haat after the mall.  Delhi Haat is a government run handicrafts shop.  Here you can get wood crafts, saris, paschmenas, marble carvings etc.  We did a quick last minute shop and got out of there.  Even though the prices are fixed by the government and there is no haggling, it is exhausting to shop there as the shop keepers start unwrapping EVERYTHING in the store for us to feel and hopefully buy.  We knew exactly what we came for so it was not too bad, but trying to get away from all the men yelling "madam, look at this" really grates on the nerves.  We were with driver Sanjay and he later dropped us off at Phoenix where we met up with Devender in the lab and Dr Shivani.  We decided to have Mark leave a "sample" just incase things do not work out this time.  Dr S said she would give us our final embryo detail later that night after the transfer.  Devender got Mark all set up for sample time and Dr S handed me my last injection of the trip - a low dose heparin to prevent blood clots on the long trip home.  Mark managed his sample and we said our goodbyes to the team and headed back to the hotel.

Dr Shivani arranged to have some extra pain meds delivered to the hotel for me and they arrived before 7pm which was great so we could lay down a bit before the long travel home. 
Around 11pm we received an email from Dr Shivani that our transfers went smooth and that we had six good embryos.   That was a releif and now hopefully at least one of them settles in for the long haul.  Just before midnight Rahul pulled up out front and we made our way downstairs with our luggage.  Here we are with the famed Rahul
Oh and also my security guard boyfriend :
We landed home today to many lovely emails of best wishes and happy birthday.  I got to enjoy an additional 10.5 hours of my birthday..probably the one and only time I will ever get to say that!
Travel home was flawless, just tiring.   Tomorrow I am back to work and Mark returns on Monday.  We are officially in our TWW!!!


  1. Kerrie,

    Do they implant all 6 at one time and hope one sticks? I am sorry I am so not clued in to how this works. I have a good feeling about this visit. Glad you are home safe and sound. What happens now?

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Fingers crossed for good results!!!

  3. welcome home! this is your time! we'll be waiting, hoping, and praying along with you!

  4. Happy B'Day Kerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    Nice to hear you are home and hope to get together soon.

  5. Happy Birthday Kerrie - it's your turn!!!

    Hoping and praying and waiting along with you and everyone else in blogland.

    xxx Amani

  6. Happy Birthday! You can officially say it was the longest birthday ever (in a number of ways).
    Glad your travels home went well, welcome back!
    6 is large number, come on embies stick, stick, stick!!!

  7. HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY!! Hope your gift if worth the wait...TWINS is what i'm looking hoping for you!!

    GOOD LUCK HUN!! I feel like its my TWW, LOL. We are the last leg from our cohert!

  8. I hope you get the BEST birthday present ever, just a few months before your NEXT birthday!

  9. So thrilled that Isla shares her birthday with such a nice person. Sending you lots of babydust and prayers that this is your time.

  10. Happy Birthday Kerrie! I hope your birthday wishes come true!

    xo, Tracy

  11. Happy Birthday Kerrie. I sure do hope and pray next year I can say Happy Birthday Mom. Love, GeGe

  12. Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! And please know we're "rooting" for you and Mark from up here in snowy muskoka!!!!!! Thinking of you often.... Fiona

  13. Happy Birthday and Welcome home. Wishing and praying the best gift ever...babies. This is your time, I can feel it. Good luck!

  14. Happy belated birthday. Here's hoping your 2ww flies by and ends happily.


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