Dec 9, 2010

Mark arrives today!!

I am so excited that Mark will be here in 14 hours!!!  Finally...been a long week without him.  Mind you, it has been nice to just chill out and go at an easy pace by myself.  Today I am off to Phoenix for blood and ultrasound in the afternoon and will also need to pick up meds from Dr Shivani.  My retrieval will be on Monday if all goes well and Dr Shivani wants to change my protocol for the last two days to Menopur.  Studies have shown that changing to a more robust med profile for the last few days improves follicle development prior to extraction.  Saturday evening we will meet with the surrogates and lawyer which is quite exciting!  We have two lovely young surrogates and really looking forward to seeing them in person if only for a few minutes.   Edward had mentioned Rahul and his affection for Loretta.  When I brought up the triplets and their adult gaggle Rahul's face lit up!  He said he loved "Grannie" ...sorry Loretta.  He also mentioned Megan and Jo and Tim and others having gone through this crazy journey in Delhi.  He loved working with all of you and has very fond memories.  I need to call him to arrange all my transport today as I also plan to meet Mark at the airport. I am tracking his flight and all looks good so far just 3.5 hours into it.  Have a great day!


  1. I am so excited for you and Mark.

  2. Glad to hear all is going well! You are almost there. If you are up for a little sight-seeing this weekend, take Mark and go to the Akshardham Temple and spend a few hours. Rahul sent me an email this week about a 'pretty woman named Kerry...' He's such a good soul! Have fun.

  3. Kerrie, you have such a great outlook and I can tell your spirits are up. Hope Mark has a safe trip to India and I will continue to follow your updates. Good luck and best wishes!!

  4. So excited for you and Mark. Glad you are in good hands with the team there. You have had quite an adventure already while there, but it will be wonderful to have your hubby by your side (even for a wake up call for the shots :))

    Take care of you and the follies. Will be watching closely as always.


  5. Hi Mark and Kerrie! Thanks for keeping us updated the happenings. Hope Mark had a good trip and we wish you great results for the EPU! Brian


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