Dec 10, 2010

Mark is here!

Mark is finally here. Airport pickup was stupid....I waited inside by the exit for Mark, all the while he was outside looking for me.  After 1.5 hours we finally connected.  Poor guy travelled for 24hours and had to wait  extra for me.  Rahul got us back to the hotel in record time, at speeds of 90-100km! Go Rahul!
So, the hotel is lovely.  It is called Shervani Nehru Place.  I was in a normal room and got upgraded to a Club Room /Supreme.   It is a bit pricey, so probably not ideal for baby pick up but worth looking at for shorter term stays.  There is a roof top patio with a pool and evening bbq.  I plan to try the bbq this weekend.  Today it is back to Phoenix for a scan than off to meet SM's and lawyer!


  1. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to hear about surrogates and all your eggs and how they look.

  2. SO glad you found each other!! Sound like what Megan and I got up to at Perth airport this week, except I couldn't find her as she'd got my arrival time wrong and was still at home - whoops! Needless to say I was very late getting to work.


    ps - very nice hotel room

  3. The hotel looks great! Glad you have some full time company now. Keep us posted-


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