Dec 13, 2010

Retrieval Day

We spent the late morning doing a little shopping with taxi driver \PK Raju, a random driver who picked us up and drove us around for 100 rupees.  He took us to Delhi Haat for scarves and saris and handicrafts, and then to a small store to buy some snacks.  Shortly after we returned from shopping, Sanjay showed up to take us on our way for retrieval.  Our first stop was the SCI office to pick up copies of our contracts, and we were fortunate to see our younger surrogate, glowing, smiling and happy to see us.
After the short stop at SCI we headed to Phoenix.  Sanjay (our driver) was super early so we decided to hit the bank machine to kill a few minutes.  We walked over to Phoenix and met up with Dr Rekha to get admitted.  On route in the hospital I asked Dr Rekha if we could see  the nursery.  She took us there and we got to see the twins that were born last week.  So little and looking great!  I then got admitted into room 22 and had the typical pre-op blood pressure, weigh in and pulse check.  I got changed into my gown which was no more attractive than at home.
At about 4:15 the nurse/sister came and gathered me for the big show.  Marky and I had a quick snuggle and wished each other bestest of luck and I headed to the basement for my procedure.  Dr Shivani greeted me and escorted me into the operating theatre.  She got me settled and told me I would just have to wait a few minutes for the anaesthetist.  The nurses were in and out getting every thing ready and then the anaesthetist came in, set my IV up and started injecting antibiotics, pain killers etc into my line,   Dr Shivani entered and comforted me for a minute then the good stuff was flowing into my IV.  Withing seconds, I was out and next thing I knew I was being asked to transfer from the operating gurney to the bed in my room and Mark was right there. 

I shifted to the bed and dozed in and out for a bit then I had to pee.  The nurses called Dr Shivani and she said I had to use a bed pan...YIKES!  I pleaded with the nurses that I was ok and could use the toilet and eventually they caved.  I am fortunate that I typically wake up very well after surgery and do not get nauseous or dizzy.  I asked Mark about his "samples" and he was lucky that he got to do it in the washroom in the hospital room.   A short time later the nurses asked if we wanted tea and biscuits and we placed our order. 

We finished our snack and paid for it (50 rupees) and then I asked the nurses about my take home meds.  They said "just go to the pharmacy to collect them" and we kinda asked them to help us out, or maybe we could pick up at the hospital pharmacy the next day.  The nurses were so great ~ they called a local pharmacy and had them delivered.  It took all of 10 minutes and the cost was 460 rupees for 5 days of antibiotics, 5 days of probiotics and 15 pain pills.  Pretty sweet deal!  After Mark paid the pharmacy delivery boy we were set to go.  Vinod our evening driver was outside waiting for us and at 7:20 we left the hospital.  I was in minimal pain and felt pretty good.  The normal 5 minute drive to the hotel took about 20 minutes due to rush hour.  Vinod delivered us safely and we came back to order some soup and rest.  All in all it was an easy process.  Things went smoothly.  Today we are waiting on results of fertilization, so hopefully this will come soon. 
Later today we will have a visit from Kim and her daughter who are here for baby pick up.  We are really looking forward to this visit and apparently Kims daughter has made me a get well drawing ...awwwe.
Our post is up as well, this time the drama begins.....


  1. How many eggs do they fertilize? How many did you have that looked good. I was thinking about you all day. I am glad it went well and you are home and feeling as good as you look. I am holding all the eggs in the light to be fertilized.

  2. Counting lesson with Queen Chook please - one little eggie (ha ha ha - think Count from Sesame Street), two little eggies (ha ha ha)...

  3. Fingers crossed for lots of little embies!!!!

  4. Glad surgery went well and that you are doing well. Thinking of you constantly and wishing you the best.... come on EMBIES!!!!!! Like Stephen and Daria said, Im crossing everything that crosses ;)


  5. Have had to get lessons in contortion so I can cross more of my body parts.

    You are constantly in my thoughts.



  6. I got so teary seeing you and all that...BUT your post was so DETAILED and GREAT!! LOVE IT.
    all the best hun, i cant wait to keep checking in to see the results, hehe.

  7. you are a hero! happy to see you on the other side of this part of the process. next up...only good news!!!!!! hugs!


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