Dec 11, 2010

Saturday Wrap Up

Saturday was a very good day here in Delhi.  We had a late breakfast then decided I would show Mark where Phoenix is.  We chose to walk it and enjoy stretching our legs.  Any one who has been to India knows that walking it is not like walking at home.  You walk on the street with the bikes, motorcycles, rickshaws, cars  and people.  We are about 1km from the hospital and enjoyed the hike over.  The road was pretty clear being Saturday but the horns were busy never the less.  We continued on past Phoenix on towards M Block Market which was about another kilometer.  We walked the market and went to the Coffee Bean to relax a bit.  Silly us, we both ordered iced tea, and as we drank it we pondered the fact that this was probably  tap water we wait, for, Delhi Belly!  I have enjoyed my Delhi Belly a few times, but over all it has not been too bad.  We grabbed a rickshaw back to the hotel and negotiated 30 rupees to do so (we were more than likely hosed by the driver but so be it).  We had about 2 hours before we had to be at Phoenix so we chilled in the room a bit.  Later we grabbed a rickshaw , well after a few turned us away...not sure why, we have money!!  We booted over to Phoenix and it was a zoo in there.  This was the busiest I had seen it yet.  We had to wait a while for the ultrasound availability.  Finally, as Dr Shivani inserted the wand I could see my ovaries kissing..they are large and very close to each other.    This is good, all has gone well with my 10 days of Gonal F and one day of HMG. Speaking of HMG, I gave myself this shot before heading to the airport and it hurt like a bugger.  It is supposed to be administered intra-muscular and I opted to do sub-q.  I am still feeling this bastard of a shot today, like a ball of cement  in my belly.    After the ultrasound Dr Shivani arranged for us to be picked up around 5:15 pm to come to her office.    As we left Phoenix we flagged down a rickshaw and headed back to the hotel.  This driver wanted 50 rupees but Mark talked him down to 30.    I had made plans with Dr Shivani to do my last HMG shot at her office, intra-musclar, administered by Dr S herself.    Our car arrived on time and we made our way over to the office.  We met with Dr S and then headed into another room to meet with the lawyer who went through the contracts with us.  We initialled  all the pages and signed where required on both contracts.    We shuffled back to Dr S who then brought our surrogates in to meet us.  We have a young surrogate and an older gal,  Both medically fit and emotionally signed up for this.  Our young surrogate was full of life, excited to meet us and all smiles.  Our older surrogate was shy and quiet but equally as lovely.   We chatted with the girls for a bit then they were on their way.  Dr S got my shot ready and I took it in the arse with ease.  This felt much better and today as well.  Dr S also gave me my trigger shot to be taken at 5:30 this morning and details about arriving to Phoenix for retrieval on Monday.   We packed my trigger with ice packs and headed out to our car back to the hotel.   I set all my alarms to ensure I would not miss the 5:30 am trigger, called the front desk to arrange a wake up call and emailed family to please skype us at that time as well.  At 7 pm we fell asleep and of course awoke at midnight.  Finally around 3:30 am we laid back down and awoke again at 5am, made a coffee and waited for the 5:30 trigger, finally, my last shot!!!!  My sister rang on skype 1 minute before shot time so she got to witness my trigger.  We chatted a bit which was nice and then she was off to enjoy her evening with friends.    We are getting ready to head down for breakfast and then out for the day site seeing.   Tomorrow I cannot eat after 10am in fasting pre-op.  Hopefully I can sleep a bit to make the time pass.


  1. I am so happy all is going well. I know Monday will be a success. I can't wait to see how many they harvest and I assume they fertilize all so you can store some.

  2. We will not be freezing any as sadly we have a negative frozen factor. Dr Shivani will use the best embryos and test the leftovers fir any genetic issues incase we do not get pregnant this time she will have some insite.

  3. YAY - you've had your last shot! Glad you got out and about a bit in Delhi, even if it was just to the hospital and the shots. Go visit Old Delhi today if you can.

    Everything is crossed for you for tomorrow. But being Queen Chook, everything will be more than fine.

  4. Such great news that the shots are done! I love that your sister got to be a part of it.

    Enjoy your day and glad your stim is going well.

    Thinking of you every step!


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